Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mills College

To prepare for the Professional Engineer test (holy cow - only a month left! T_T), I've been taking this weekend prep course.  Though the class may be a total time-suck on Saturdays (all day class!), I get to spend lunch and breaks in the beautiful campus that is Mills College.
Mills is in Oakland, and started as a women's college in the 1850s, fairly old for a California school!
Though it's a small campus, it's got a definite charm to it.
Endless sidewalk.
It even has a creek running through campus!
I love how the campus has little nooks and crannies, perfect for studying students.  Makes me miss my own college.  Sak and I used to have this spot we'd always go to - it was a smoker area that was always empty since not many students smoked (at least not at that spot).  We'd sit on the bench and do crosswords in the sun between classes. Ah, nostalgia!
A forest pathway...
Leading to a giant sundial!
Moss covered steps..I love moss covered things. So..earthy..like fairyland or something.
And a giant belltower!

Anyway, even though 8 hour review class on Saturday isn't the most fun in the world, I don't mind the location at all!

Did you have a secret spot in school? Maybe a pretty place to relax or reflect in? Next time I visit my alma mater I'll have to take a picture of my spot by the physics building for memories!


  1. Good luck hon! It's a tough one but you will pass with fly colors! *hugs*

    P.S. I couldn't seem to submit my comment with my Google profile selected.

  2. good luck with studying! i went to mills college once for an event--i forget what it was. glad it's a nice little spot to study!

  3. Awww I stumbled upon this happenstance googling "mills college forest" b/c I went to school there and I wanted to show my friend an image so she could see how beautiful the forest was. Sweet memories, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with the world!


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