Thursday, April 26, 2012

Edible Pokemon Poffins

Usually I'm the one scheduling the crafts and experiments when Penga-Sis comes over, but this time she had her own plan.  Baby sis is all grown up and wanting to make her own projects, sniffle sniffle! I can't believe she's thirteen now.  At least she still wants to hang out with me sometimes, haha!

Anyway, she showed me this Youtube channel she really likes called Feast of Fiction.  They have recipes for all sorts of fictional food, from Hunger Games to Skyrim, it's pretty neat!

She wanted to make the Pokemon poffin recipe.  Poffins are pretty much like Pokemon macarons or something.  There are different colors and flavors that help alter your Pokemon's contest stats.
(source) Swinub!
Green for smarts, red for coolness, pink for cuteness, blue for beauty, and yellow for toughness!
We followed the recipe pretty exact, though we used liquid food coloring since I didn't have the gel kind.
Rise, rise, my pretties!
The recipe is a pretty simple sweet bread, filled char siu bao style with jam.
Yes, it's a lot of strawberry jam.  Penga-Sis' wish.
Topped with sesame seeds, they really expanded in the oven!
They definitely don't seem poffin sized to me.  Perhaps if I cut the dough portions down into eight pieces instead of four, they would have been smaller and cuter. Oh well.
diy pokemon poffin recipe
The bread was good, though I wasn't a big fan of the jam inside.  Even using reduced sugar jam, it was ridiculously sweet.  Penga-Sis liked it however, even though her gigantic pink bun didn't set quite right due to it's massive size.

In any case, she picked a good experiment, it was fun to make! I ate the green one, for smarts! I could always use some of that. BIL had the beauty bun, and Sak had the toughness bun.  So manly man.

Have you tried any fictional food? I know Carol recently posted about fictional food from Game of Thrones, pretty fun stuff!


  1. i love that you two do so many things together--these are so cute.

  2. Another fun project! The poffins do look big compared to the picture, so maybe it would be best to make smaller rounds of dough. It would also mean less filling, which would cut the sweetness a bit.

  3. Yum! DId it taste like she thought it would? I love it when fictional food meets your expectations ;-) Even if it doesn't, it's still so fun and gratifying to make.

  4. I keep wondering how you have so much time for all these fun things. Then I remembered that you don't have a Jae or a Joey around. LOL!! Looks yummy, though! I would've put some meat in there, but then it'd be more like a manapua.

  5. These Pokemons are also used in battles against other trainer Pokemons or with the wild ones laser etched pokeball


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