Friday, April 20, 2012

Food Bandwagon

Yep, I'm hopping aboard! First, for fridge oats. I think this has been covered oh, by fifty billion bloggers and pinners, and when I saw it via Monica's blog and also on Sarah's blog I decided I should try it too.  Hey, I already eat oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast every morning, why not mix the two together?

The only weird part is that it contains chia seeds! Like, a chia pet? Hehe.  Supposedly they are really good for you.

By the way, when I buy grains/granola/spices/etc. from the Whole Foods "serve yourself" aisle, I like to pretend I'm in an apothecary buying things for my alchemy lab or something.  Seriously, they keep stuff in jars, and you can even get honey and olive oil out of a giant vat. So much fun.

Anyway, I used the recipe found at The Yummy Life, and didn't tweak anything other than fruit flavors.
pre-mixed, with maple syrup and frozen TJ's berries.
The only downside to using big pasta jars makes the overall result pretty un-cute, and hard to eat out of with a short spoon.
But they are pretty good, like a mixed-up parfait.  The swelled up chia seed remind me of boba!
Not at all attractive, but certainly tasty!
And now to switch tracks to a most definitely attractive bandwagon food #2: Indian pizza!
 This one in particular is butter chicken pizza from Tasty Subs & Pizza in Sunnyvale.  Some fusion food can definitely get a little weird, but this one makes so much sense! It's flavorful and fantastic.  I ate half of it in one sitting, and refused to feel guilty about it.

We've also had a tandoori chicken pizza from Bombay Pizza House in Union City, which was also good, but the butter chicken is my favorite so far! I'd love to try a saag paneer pizza though, that sounds heavenly. Curry pizza is also really popular.
Yum yum yum.

What food bandwagon are you currently riding?


  1. Yum, Indian pizza is my favorite! I need to try those refrigerator oats - I saw them on Monica's blog earlier this week and was intrigued!

  2. Just peel the labels off of pasta jars!! My friend was looking for a jar to drink (water) out of... so I just peeled the label off, scrubbed off the glue and voila, hip jar to drink out of! :oP

    I've never heard of those fridge oats!!

  3. Yay! Get on board, they are amazing!!

  4. I haven't tried either of these popular items, but this may be the week for me with at least the oats.

  5. Man, I'm such a dork I haven't heard of any of these bandwagon foods. ST and I ordered Chinese takeout for dinner, we're so untrendy. The chia seeds kind of weird me out...


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