Friday, May 11, 2012

Cousin T's Invite

A wild wedding invitation appears!
Cousin T made these herself, they are so pretty I just want to show them off :)
Though the belly band flower is lovely, the best part is inside!
Heeyyyy! Those mugs look familiar!
Cousin T took the erasers I carved for her and turned them into graphics! Hehe!

Most impressive though, is the RSVP postcard that Cousin T drew!
She's so talented.  I like how she didn't bother drawing Friend M's eyes in behind his glasses.  I do the same thing when I draw Sak! It's like..why bother with eyes when their glasses are such a distinctive feature? Haha.

Their wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful - it's at the Carmel Mission afterall! Anyone who was in California for fourth grade knows what a huge deal the missions are. (It's pretty much the fourth grade curriculum. Reports and models and all.)  And this particular mission also happens to be the final resting place for Father Junipero Serra. The super mission founder himself! So spooky. So awesome.
Have you been to a California Mission before? There's a ton of them.  When I was in fourth grade, my parents decided it would make a good vacation to visit ALL of them.  Though I'd probably enjoy the history now, for my fourth grade self - it was a bit much. All I remember was groaning and whining. What a bratty kid. :P


  1. How cool that she incorporated your carved erasers into graphics for the wedding invites!!

  2. Such a cute invite! Love the custom drawings and that they used your erasers!

  3. Cute, playful and sophisticated invites! And yes, I totally participated in the Mission curriculum when I was in fourth grade, sugar cube model and all :) My husband used to live up the street from Mission Dolores in SF - we visited this Mission on my fourth grade field trip, too :)

  4. That's so funny, we totally went to MissionSan Juan Bautista in 4th grade,and we did projects and dioramas of missions, just like you said. :) I love the eraser graphic! And I love Carmel!

  5. what a pretty and fun invite. and wow that venue looks amazing.


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