Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Curry Pan

My sister's been on a curry kick lately, so this past weekend we tried to make curry pan (bread).  We used this youtube video for the recipe.

First, aromatics.  Onions, garlic, ginger.
Then, ground pork.
And the fun part - curry powder, katsu sauce, soy sauce, a little flour, and a can of tomatoes! At first I was like, whaaat..tomato sauce in my curry? But it doesn't become too tomatoey, promise!
Lastly, tofu. This time I used some extra firm stuff so it wouldn't disintegrate into mush.
At this point you've got a curried version of mabo tofu.  It's amazing, and whatever we didn't use for the bread we ate with rice.  Definitely a keeper recipe!

Now onward to the pan! Penga-Sis cut some crust off the Asian-style bread we got from Ranch 99.  It's called "family toast", and it's fluffy and fat and a little sweet.  (Delicious with some peanut butter or honey for breakfast, mmm.)  It's called family toast because when your family comes over they eat all of it.  That's my theory anyway.
She pinched down the edges as shown in the video, and dabbed it with egg.
Add filling..
And press shut.
We could have used the sandwich press for this, but our family toast was quite large and would have resulted in the loss of some bread real estate.  (I like things with as much filling as possible!)  In any case, we kept the breadcrusts and snacked on them later on, so no waste.

Dipping the whole sandwich in egg like french toast,
We rolled it around in some pan-crisped panko (breadcrumbs).

A short 15 minute bake and the curry pan is ready!
curry pan baked diy
pork curry pan baked

It was pretty good, though not as tasty as it's artery-clogging cousin, the fried curry pan.  The slightly sweet toast was a little strange with the curry - not bad, but different.  All in all, there were so many extra steps to make the pan (though admittedly less than making actual bread from scratch), that I'd just make the filling with rice and keep it simple next time.

Have you had curry pan before? I have half a bag of panko left to use.  Have any good recipes involving panko?


  1. The curry looks amazing! I love tofu recipes and will definitely give this one a try. I haven't ever used panko but I'd like to :)

  2. Ummm, yum! I have never seen curry pan being made this way. Looks delicious! I always buy that thick, white bread (in Japan ALL bread is that thick - I always pick some up when I'm at Nijiya cuz the bread in America makes me sad!). FYI the sandwich press does not work on the thick bread because I used the one I won from you and sandwiches didn't press together/hold with the thick bread we always have in our house! I love your foodie adventures with Penga Sis!

    (P.S. I make meatballs or chicken katsu with leftover panko!)

  3. WHAT is this?! I've never heard of it! It looks delicious!!!

    I like to make baked "chicken strips" with panko or use it to top a baked mac & cheese!

  4. This sounds really interesting. I've never even heard of curry pan before!


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