Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fanime 2012

So Sak and I are still recovering from our 8th date-aversary at Fanime Con! I kept thinking that I'm getting too old for conventions, being as I've been going to this one for over a decade, but a few days prior I came down with a huge case of jumpies and random grinning - I was so excited. So I guess I'm not too old :)
2012 badges and room key!
If we remove one huge glaring factor, I'd say that it was a very enjoyable, nothing-to-complain about convention.  The one large looming shadow, however, would be that lines were insane this year.  We thought we'd get a head-start on things by picking up our pre-reg badges on Thursday, which ended up being a six hour line due to a power outage and lack of staff/computers to handle the huge crowd.
Very, very small section of line that went straight out the convention hall.
People do weird things when trapped in a line. Some get angry. Others make friends. Some play saxophone. Others eat beans out of a can. Well, we're practically camping, eh?
beans behind a grumpy Sak.
A brilliant man even thought to bring his own rolling chair and a book.

Sak was definitely grumpy, after witnessing a number of people cutting in line.  That's got to be a top-ten pet peeve for the both of us. :P

However, we persevered, and got to laugh at our friends arriving the next day as they stood in a four hour line. And the next day as other friends stood in a two hour line.  At least it trended faster as the weekend progressed.

But "line-con" aside, we had a great time. We stayed in the Fairmont hotel, which had amazing downtown San Jose views.
And alien probe looking lights built into the headboard.
Cosplay was rampant.
Code Geass and Adventure Time
Korra and Grell
Optimus and Domo
Chell and a turret(?)
Just some psyducks in line ;)
On Friday we went to one of my favorite events, the swap meet!
It was in a new ballroom this year, which was a little crampy, but I still came away with a ton of goodies. 23 manga books for $45, that's less than $2 a volume. And they retail for $10 plus tax each. Plus my $1 Dalek bookmark I got from the artist alley! Sak bought Beatmania 8th style for $15, but I have no idea if that's a good deal or not because Beatmania games give me a headache. :P
On Saturday we got to pull our our casual Power Ranger cosplay.
Last minute, Friend E decided he wanted sleeves, so he ditched the original tanks we had bought. It came out pretty well, though was probably tooo casual, as no one asked us for a picture.
Super chill casual.
Friend pink ranger had her crochet poke balls to sell, so fun!
By the way, I thought it was completely funny and good-spirited that most the local businesses had signs on their windows, welcoming Fanime to San Jose.  Walgreen's was most strange though, what's with the random clip art dog? Hehe.
Sunday we pulled out casual cosplay #2, poke balls! Recognizable and simple.  Just run away when an Ash cosplayer starts yelling at you, "How'd you guys get off my belt?!" Hehe.
Penga-Sis also came up on Sunday, it was her first time attending the con for reals. (In the past she'd just show up on Monday to go shopping in the dealer hall).  I still think she's too young, but we tried a one day trial. Hope the con didn't taint her innocent soul too much, lol.
Masquerade Cosplay filling up - OMG loved the Yugioh one. 
Anyway, we watched: AMVs (this one was my favorite, Dragonball nostalgiaaa), a Lupin III movie, abridged Dragonball and Avatar (hilarious, youtube it), among other random anime eps and internet channel comedy shows. Lines for panels were too long for me to handle, so we only went to the Bento box making one. I think this is the first year I didn't watch any of the Asian live action films though. Weird. We also didn't spend much time in the game room, but that's okay. I got to see some of my friends I only see once a year here, and that is always the best part :)

Can't wait til next year already...*sigh*


  1. I think the power ranger shirts turned out great, as did your skirt!

  2. Sounds like a great time - the clip art dog on the Walgreens sign is really funny. I love your psyduck outfits!

  3. Your outfits turned out great! I like the casual look, they seemed like they would be a lot more comfortable for waiting in lines than some of the other outfits in your pics!

  4. Oh man. Dave would have loved this. I'll have to show him your post when I get home. He didn't get to go to Botcon this year and was super bummed about it (and yet I get to go to BGWIII... love him!). Your pokeball outfits are AMAZING!!!!

  5. The power ranger shirts came out great! Casual = more comfy right? :) And I LOVED that your pokeball costume was a white SKIRT! You were the cutest. :D

  6. You are never to old to go to a con! I got the same jumpies and grins just before PAX East too (and now that we are planning to go to PAX Prime). ;)

    BTW might I say +1 for the power ranger cosplay. You are so awesome.

  7. I love seeing your Coldplay outfits that you DIYed in action!! Happy 8 year dateaversary! (And a hotel inphoenix had those headboards with lights that Todd had to have, which he DIYed. They're awesome!)

  8. FUN! Great cosplay designs and I like that Adventure Time pic!


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