Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Graduation Goodies

Seriously this is a graduation bumper year in the family.  Two of my cousins, two of Sak's cousins, and my brother are all college grads! I love commencement season. :)

Sadly, we won't be in Hawaii for the Sak-cousins UH ceremonies, so we're just sending cards.  I doodled a little one for Sak's girl cousin, cute just like she is!
The Daiso neko lycee (lei see?) is cute too!
Here's the image if you want to make a card for your own brown-haired relative/friend..haha!
Meanwhile, Sak was busy making an absolutely ridiculous lei for my brother. I fully intend on going all-out-crazy with baby bro's graduation, so this is all part of the fun.  A lei made from gigantic machine washers!  Perfect, given that Penga-bro will be graduating as a mechanical engineer. *Sniffle* I'm so proud of him..

We bought a box full of big washers from the hardware store, and Sak weaved two ribbons through the line of them.
Then he took two more ribbons and weaved those through as well.
Tie off the ends and you're done!
washer graduation lei diy
washer lei

This maile-styled (open-loop) lei weighs some serious poundage.  I shouldn't have used such high-quality washers! Good thing Penga-bro is strong, haha!

Do you have any graduations to attend this year?


  1. LOL. Only you would think of doing a washer lei!! :oP It's super cute (and unique) though with all the ribbons!! :)

    Ahhhhh. After reading your post, I feel terrible for missing my brother's graduation (for our anniversary cruise!) :(

  2. I love how you say you just doodled that picture, such a cute card!

  3. Cute, cute! I mean . . . very manly! Perfect for an engineering grad :)


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