Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Faux Pearl Jewelry

I kinda looked for my bridesmaid jewelry last minute before Cousin T's wedding, and you know how it goes...When you're looking for that one specific something, you can never quite find it! I was looking for some pale pink pearls, but everything I found had too much white mixed in with it. Boo.

So I thought I'd just wing it, and bought four $1 faux pearl strands from Michaels.  They have a pretty large variety of colors and pearl sizes, so I got two different shades of pink in two sizes to make a double strand necklace.  I also bought a small pack of silver clasps using a 40% coupon.

Other supplies include some beading wire (fishing line would work too), regular wire (or jump rings if you have them), and an earring stud set. I also used a little glue to secure my beading wire, but it's not really necessary if you can tie a good knot!
Most of this stuff I had on hand already since I went on a little jewelry making binge back in college. :P

Anyway, make two jump rings (or just buy some).  To make them, roll some wire around a round nose plier.
String the pearls on some of the beading wire, and tie each end to a jump ring.  I made each strand 21" long, which left me a handful of beads left over!

After making two strands (attached to the same two jump rings), attach the clasp on and you're done!
Gotta trim up the extra beading wire though >.>"
With the extra beads, I glued two of the larger ones to the ear studs for instant earrings!
Only, it is still a bead, so there's a funky hole in the side.  No one can notice from far away though, right?
Not bad for ~$5 in supplies!
And an action shot from Cousin T's wedding..
I love pearls for some reason (fancy but not too shiny, maybe?) so I've already worn these to work too.  My co-worker wants to make a set in black pearl, I think that'll be pretty! Maybe a black/grey combo?

Do you have a favorite type of necklace? Pendant, illusion, choker? Does anyone even wear chokers anymore? I remember those plastic stretchy "tattoo" chokers and bracelets everyone used to wear back in the 90's. If they ever make a come-back I am totally wearing them again, they were fun. Ha!


  1. I love pearls, too! My mom bought me a black pearl necklace a few years ago and it's ones of my favorites! I totally wore chokers in the 90s, often with weirdo "goth" charms hanging off of them. I also wore a flannel and band t-shirts everyday. I thought I was so cool and alternative! I look at photos from that stage in my life and cringe.

  2. how pretty! i think a set in black pearls would be gorgeous. i don't know what a jump ring is. there is so much to learn (not that i will)...

  3. I think pearls help dress up anything! Slouchy shirt? Bummy jeans? PEARL EARRINGS? BAM! Now you're trendy. :oP

    Super cute necklace!! You look great!! :D

    Grey pearls would be GORGEOUS.

  4. You look great. The pearls add a nice touch.

    Here's some tips if you want to make it more "real" or expensive looking. Pearl necklaces are strung with a white thick string/thread. (Probably use to be silk, but now a nylon poly blend thread.) And there are knots between pearls so they don't rub together.

    LOL, I still have a set (ring+bracelet+necklace) of the tattoo jewelry. It might come back... Stuff I wore in the early 90's are coming back in style.

    Diamonds are my best friends...I wish I had more besties.

    1. Huh! That is a great tip. You're totally right about those little knots between pearls.

  5. Love it. I have a thing for pearls too and I love what you did. Nice job ;-)

  6. Don't wait for it to come back. Wear it! LOL! I don't have favorite jewelry. Trying to get back into wearing it. Um, NOT! Maybe after kids don't climb on me; they'd want to rip earrings out of my ears!

  7. Great idea for the pearl necklace! Thank you for sharing.

  8. I can not show my love for pearls. Me and my sister have plenty of love for Pearl lariat necklace. Our mother bought a couple of gorgeous pearl necklace for us last year. These necklaces were not very expensive but too much beautiful. Without fail, pearls enhance our beauty a lot.

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