Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Zelda Kikwi Felty

So... *grin grin grin*

Praise the Lord (quite literally), I passed the PE exam!! As soon as I get my license in the mail I'll be able to add those two precious little letters after my name, yaay!

To celebrate, my family came over for a night of North Beach Pizza and beer. And then, because I don't drink beer too often, I was feeling manly, so I convinced my sister to turn off Portal 2 in favor of a rousing game of Shoot Many Robots, a PS3/compy downloadable game that does exactly what the title says. Get gun. Shoot robot. It's a fun co-op game, manlier than my usual fare, but a girl's got to diversify every so often, yeah? And since Alvina's husband was one of the game developers, I think you or your game-playing other should check it out. ;)

Anyway, in other news, Friend E let me borrow Zelda Skyward Sword.  I'm not too far along just yet, but already I'm really liking it. I love Groose's gangsta face and Ghirahim's fabulousness.

There's also cute little Pokemon-esque creatures in it called Kikwi, they have shrubs on their backs and make squealy little noises.

Couldn't resist making a felty of one :)
For eyes, I thought it'd be easier to make them with white thread rather than try to cut small holes out of the black "mask" area.
Coaster time!
I didn't bother with his feet or hands because I got lazy. Or I was going for a minimalist approach.  That sounds better, right?  I think I will stick him in the game case for Friend E when I ever finish his game and give it back. Haha.


  1. Congrats on passing your PE exam!

  2. Cute felty! And congrats on passing the PE exam!!! I'm developing a niche law practice area in defending architects, engineers and design professionals, so I've heard how tough the exam can be. You should feel so proud of yourself for this huge accomplishment :)

  3. that felty is adorable. and a huge congratulations on the exam--i knew you would pass!!!

  4. 1) CONGRATS on passing your PE exam!!! WHOOOOOT!

    2) You are the friend and I'm of the spouse of the game developer! YEEEAH EVERYONE, CHECK IT OUT!!! It's on Steam (PC), PS3, AND XBOX!!

    3) So. Why haven't you made a Shoot Many Robots FELT THINGIEMAGIG?!?!? :oP FELT CHAINSAW GUN & ROBOT!!

    1. lolol! I wasn't sure if you wanted your name out there..I'll edit it! :)

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