Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pandan Cake

Have you ever had these green Vietnamese waffles? They are sooo good, especially when piping hot with a crispy outside and soft, steamy center...Mmm.
Only recently did I learn why they are green though. :P It's this plant, pandan!
Well, sometimes not the plant itself. Sometimes it's the plant extract and some green food coloring. :P I bought some from Ranch 99. :)
It smells terrible.  There's alcohol in it, to keep it fresh I guess? Don't do a direct sniff. Waft like a high school chem student!

Unfortunately I do not have a waffle maker, so I thought I'd make a pandan cake instead.  I used this recipe from My Food Trail,  though I definitely whacked my way through it.  I used regular sugar in place of caster sugar, coconut cream and cow milk in place of coconut milk, and a square pan instead of a ring pan. Oh, and I also converted all the gram measurements to tablespoons and such.  A little rounding involved..

I've never made a chiffon type cake before, and I don't think my whipped eggs were quite up to muster.
They were okay, but not fluffy mountains or anything.

The one thing I was really bummed about though was the lack of greenness!
No green. :(
Apparently, my pandan essence didn't have enough food coloring in it. I should have added my own.

The taste, however, was pretty delicious! It was kinda like a fluffy spongecake (though probably not as fluffy as it could have been), and the coconut/pandan flavor came out nicely.
Still-frozen cool hwip on top.
I still prefer waffles, but this cake wasn't so bad! Definitely needs to be green next time though.

Have you had pandan flavored food before? Was it greeeeeen?


  1. I've never had pandan waffles before! Your cake looks yummy, even if it didn't turn out green. Your high school chem reference is hilarious :)

  2. I always learn new things when I read your blog. I need to try some pandan waffles now too!

  3. WHAT?! I have never heard of Vietnamese green waffles before!! Haha flavoring essence. :oP

    Do you need any new neighbors? To help you eat?

  4. i've never heard of pandan waffles--your cake looks delicious!

  5. Have you ever tried Kaya? It's a sweet coconut jam flavored with pandan. They sell it at Ranch 99. It has taste and texture to the stuff inside nai-wong-baos.

  6. I love pandan-flavored desserts! Our wedding cake was also pandan flavored because I liked the idea that the green cake matches the green walls of the reception venue. lol!!!

    1. Omgg pandan wedding cake sounds so tasty!! That's awesome!


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