Tuesday, June 19, 2012

San Mateo County Fair 2012

Summer is here! Time for the county fair!
This year we went with my cousin and her boyfriend. They are from socal but came up to the bay for half a week on a mini vacation.

We started with some fried artichokes and curly fries to tide us over before the concert.
We saw Boyz II Men this year, which was really amazing. They have great voices.  And they dance.  They just released a twentieth anniversary album.  Can't believe they've been around so long!  I remember they were really popular back in middle school.  All the slow songs at the 8th grade dance were Boyz II Men, hehe.
After the concert we ran through the rest of the fair, and Cousin A and I both decided we needed a pet bunny. They were all so cute!
Baby chicks were cute too!
And baby goat! Or maybe it's just a mini goat?
Another goat had a pretty cool name.
The sheep were stylin' in their neon jackets.
And this chicken had the weirdest neck.
In another hall we saw some pretty artistic centerpieces/flower arrangments along with other plants.
I don't know what this green ball plant was but it is pretty cool looking!
And in the recyclable section there was a dress made of plastic bags, and a bag crocheted from plastic bags.
I really like the recyclable section, and I think it's funny that they have a judging category just for compost!

Unfortunately since it was a weeknight, we didn't get to stay up late and see all the other exhibits this year.  It was fun though! And we definitely didn't forget the annual funnel cake! Cousin's bf got a deep fried twinkie too, but the rest of us weren't feeling well enough at that point to try it! :P
 Have you been or plan to go to your county's fair this year?


  1. Looks like you had a great time! My post is coming tomorrow, and I'll link to yours if that's OK - we did a lot of the same things, but I'm jealous that you saw Boyz II Men!!!

  2. looks fun! nice to hear that boyz II men is still around. and oh, the animals, so cute!

  3. I am so bummed I missed this! I try to keep up with what's fun and relatively cheap going on in the Bay Area but I didn't even know this was happening. After I saw this on Kim's blog, I looked up all the county fairs coming up. Glad to hear I haven't missed Alameda, Marin, Sonoma, etc. County fairs are so much fun, we have a big one in So Cal for the OC county fair. The animals are sooo cute and the food is sooo indulgent! I am uber jealous that you saw Boyz II Men, they were my favorite in middle school! Let me know if you decide to jump on that pet bunny, I can answer any questions :)

  4. Looks like a fun time at the fair! Jealous that you got to see Boyz II Men. They were at the Texas fair one year, but we didn't make it that weekend.

  5. LOL Boyz II Men are STILL around?! That's corrrazzzee!!! :D

  6. The fair looks like it was so much fun! Those are such cute photos that you got of the animals. And I'm SO jealous you got to see Boyz II Men! I still remember theirs was the 3rd CD I ever bought when I got my first CD player in 7th grade...ah, memories!


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