Monday, June 18, 2012

Screenprint Bridesmaid Shirts

Cousin T's wedding is coming up soon, and since she has eight (!!!) bridesmaids, I thought it'd be nice to have some matching shirts for any pre-wedding festivities. The majority of her bridesmaids are artists, so one of them kindly came up with some awesome art to put on the shirts. I slapped on some names/date and then went to town!
After the transparency is printed, you can expose the emulsion on the Yudu screen.  We used a 220 screen since the details in the line art include fairly fine lines.
Lots of puckering in the screen this time, we didn't stick it on well enough.  :(  Luckily it didn't affect the print though!

I bought shirts from Michael's, and since they didn't have the shade of pink I wanted (I know - a little obsessive), I dyed a bunch of white shirts.
Cousin T's colors are pink and navy, so I went with a navy ink for the art.
Surprisingly, all the prints came out nearly perfect! Even the test print I did on a random canvas bag. This is a very, very rare occurrence in this household.
I just wish the image was a little bigger -I can only do 8.5"x11" on my printer, bah.

The following day we did the back of the shirt, which says "bridesmaid" up by the collar.  Luck ran out that day since one has a slight overbleed in the letters. I'd make that my shirt, but it's a small size. :(  I'll have to give that girl some candy or something as an apology.  And I didn't take any pictures of the back, for some random reason. *Gives blog candy* More apologies!

So after all the printing was done, I bought this pretty pink lace to spruce up the bride's shirt a bit.
Sewn to the bottom, I think it makes this plain white T just a little more bridal!
I rolled up all the shirts and tagged them with the corresponding shirt size letter.
Except for Cousin T's of course.  She gets a T!
Package them away in the test bag, haha!
Which would have been super cute had the test bag not been a 511 bag!
Oh well.

This is my first time being a bridesmaid. Can you tell I'm just a little excited? Hahaha!


  1. Ah! Adorable! I wish I would have had custom wedding t-shirts! :)

  2. this is so sweet of you! and they turned out great. hooray for the yudu!

  3. Cute, cute! This post makes me want to be a bridesmaid again, and soon :)

  4. I love this! Your cousin is so lucky to have such a thoughtful bridesmaid!

  5. That's so cute!!! :D Great job. They remind me of... Fairly Oddparents!

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  8. Love this post.


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