Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Casual Cosplay: Kerons

Okay! Last time we made the hats, time to make the rest of this Keroro Gunsou casual cosplay!

To recap, here's what we're casually cosplaying for Otakon:
I bought T-shirts from Michael's again ($2.50, gotta love it), and cut out a big white felt "belly".  Sew the emblem onto the belly, and then figure out how to attach the belly to the shirt...
I really didn't want it to pucker, so we bought some no-sew adhesive spray to iron the the belly on.
I followed that up with a quick sew around the border, just so it's secure.  Pretty simple! Repeat for all four shirts~
Giroro's (red) shirt is pretty cool - he has a buckle belt instead of an emblem - fully removable!
This method would also totally work for Care Bear Shirts. Haha!

I only wish I would have made the belly size dependent on the shirt size..it looks okay on the large shirt, but it's huge on the small shirt! They are also very..stiff. Since it's felt and all, it kinda makes the wearer (me) look  chunky. That's right - blame the shirt! Haha!

Anyway, here's the look with the hat and a skirt made with leftover material (using this method).
I got the glasses from Cousin T's wedding. Hehehe. Sak says I look silly. Whatever. Attituuude.

And the rest of the hats..
Except for Sak's.  He was wearing his ridiculous hat, made with a cut styrofoam ball.

I guess we're as ready as we'll ever be now! Can't wait til the whole platoon is together (minus Dororo - no one cares about him >.>")

(Oh, and if you'd like to make a simple hat, here's a pattern you can print on my google docs...try to use full bleed/edge print on 8.5"x11"..the image should be as big as possible on the paper.)


  1. So adorable! You guys always make the best cosplay outfits!

  2. these are great! i really love the hats.

  3. Cute, cute! You guys are going to have such a fun time :)

  4. OMg! Mr. Sak looks awesome! Ha ha! Can't wait to see you guys!

  5. Sorry, got excited about his cosplay ha ha! It all looks fabulous!!! SOOO FUUN!!

  6. You guys are so talented when it comes to your costumes!

  7. You should really start an Etsy shop for all your cosplay stuff. I've never been into anime but my SIL is crazy for it! Her favorite is Fullmetal Alchemist. I really don't know much about it though.

  8. I'm really glad to find this; my 4 yr old wants to be a "Soldier Frog" for Halloween (unless she decides to be the Lorax. Or Thor. Or the unholy offspring of Thor and the Lorax, the Thorax) and since she's not sure which she wants to be, and this looks pretty simple, I can make her outfits for all 4 and she can wear them as jammies besides. Oh, wait, there are 5? Really?

    1. Omg, ALL those costumes sound adorable! Do it, do it!! And if the shirts looked okay on us silly adults, I can't imagine how cute they'd be on a little one :)


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