Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Keroro Gunsou Hat

Since we're going to Otakon, we're going to need some cosplay. Especially since we'll be meeting up with Friends J and M, who we hardly ever get to see.  (Actually, I still haven't met Friend M, but soon enough!)

Most the time I think we'll just repurpose our casual cosplay from Fanime since we have to travel light and I don't want to bring something the TSA might deem weird - like a wig or something.  But we wanted to do a group cosplay with J and M too.  It'll still be casual though. 

Anyway, since they are really into Keroro Gunsou, that'd be a good place to start? As I'm sure you're all familiar - Sak and I are kinda big fans of the little frog dudes.
Our first time-intensive cosplay..
On our wedding cake...
Wedding plushies Cousin T made for us..
Yeah. We're big fans. Haha.
For casual cosplay, I'm thinking hats, and maybe a t-shirt with the white "belly" sewn on with the emblem? Friend J wants to be kero (green), Friend M wants to be Giroro (red), leaving me to be Tamama (again yay! dark blue) and Sak to be Kururu (orange).  Kururu actually fits him quite well as he's a nerdy tinkerer with glasses. :P

Anyway, I have some leftover scrap fleece so I started with Kero's hat.  I used an existing neko fleece hat (from Digi Charat - I've had this thing forever) to trace out a pattern (minus the ears).
I cut out two pieces in fleece, and sewed them together.  I mistakenly thought I could roll hem the edge of the hat. Uh, this doesn't work so well on fleece, as the back hem of the hat is totally warped. Murgh.
Next I cut out some ear flaps, and lined them up with each seam of the hat.
Pinch, pin and sew both sides.
Lastly, I trimmed any excess fleece, and hand stitched a red felt star emblem to the front.
Kind of a derpy star though.
And..hat complete.
I dunno. I'm not sure if it passes muster or not.  The raw edges really bother me, though it's fleece so it's not really going to do much fraying. On the other hand, I'm not sure if I even have enough scraps to properly line the whole thing, and the added bulk sounds...warm. Can I put bias tape on a fleece hat? Is it okay as is, Friend M, or do you want a properly lined hat? Kero Kero!


  1. Cute hat! I love how you incorporated these guys into your wedding - I remember that from your wedding blog. I think your friend will be happy with her cosplay accoutrement.

  2. You guys are soooo cool to have Keroro figures on your wedding cake!! I laughed about your derpy star. Mostly because Jimmy thinks it's one of the funniest words. I actually like that star!! The hats look great! We'll see what Jimmy says...

  3. Haha I like the derpy star! :oP

  4. you are too cute. how do you manage to whip up this stuff?

  5. Great blog! I've been keeping up since a few months ago and even tried some of your DIY projects! (Heh. I'll stick to writing and photography for now.)

    You and your husband live in Millbrae/Burlingame/San Mateo area? I go to school there. :) [Not sure if I'm right or not because I don't remember much from the Halloween post.] The weather is always nice!

    It'd be great if I can meet you one day! You and your husband are much more hard working than my dad and mom. Dad does only a few DIY projects per year... Hope I'll gain the courage to finally start some of my own.

    Blog on!

    1. Hello! Yes, we live in san mateo :) always good to meet another otaku, subscribed to your blog too ^_^

      And yes! More diy! Lol.

    2. Subscribed too! (Sorry about the lateness; I was too busy drinking syrup in Canada. :D )

      Hoping to see you at an event in the Bay Area!

  6. OMG you guys are the same ones with the Tamama and Keroro wedding plushies?!? Gwen squee'ed so hard when I showed her that photo! I found that blog the first time I searched for Keroro Gunso costumes, when she first saw the show and started wanting to dress up as them! Just wanted to share that.

    1. Haha, your daughter sounds pretty awesome!

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