Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Invitation Wedding Card #3

Continuing my little "tradition" of making a wedding card from the couple's invitation, I got to make one from Cousin T's pretty paper mail.

Here's her invitation:

And here's my little card :)
I just used the belly band on a Cuttlebugged sheet of pearly cardstock.  Too simple, yeah?

For more fun I made buttons from the little faces.
And attached them to the invites pocket, perfect for stashing a little lai see envelope!
The lucky cat is so cute! (If you guessed Daiso, you are correct. Ha!)

I remember when I first noticed Cousin T. (She's not a blood-cousin, but I call her a cousin anyway. It started as a Sailor Moon bad-dubbing reference.)  I was a freshman in highschool and only had a few friends  from elementary school.  Our interests had drifted apart, and though I wasn't alone, I felt alone (if that makes any sense). I had started my venture into otakuism, first with Pokemon and then with DBZ and Sailor Moon.  And I noticed Cousin T in one of my classes - talking about the very things I had a budding new interest in.

I knew I had to be her friend.  Not a normal way like "hey, nice to meet you", but in a much more passive creeper way.  I drew Sailor Moon characters, shoved them in the front of my clear-view binder, and sat next to her, hoping that she'd notice and say something to me.  Yeah, so smooth.

She did notice though - and she instantly invited me into her circle.  She is the kindest, friendliest girl I have ever met, and I am really blessed to be her friend.

As for her new husband, Friend M - he was a grade younger than us in school, but I always called him a prodigy - he is a very smart guy, and also mature! We gave them a hard time when they first started dating (younger men in high school, unheard of!), but really they are a great match.  True highschool sweethearts. Big congrats to the two of them!

How did you make friends in school? I still haven't gotten any less awkward at it! :P


  1. The card is so cute! :D

    I don't remember how I made friends in school. Maybe from sitting next to each other or working on a project!

  2. Cute card! Hmmm . . . how did I make friends in school? I've known my best friend since we were 7, but I'm not really sure how we met! Then our "friend group" ballooned from there. I was lucky, I guess ;)

  3. i love all the crafts you do!

    um, i was enjoying the socialzing in high school. it was easy to make friends. best part of my day! ;) also.. in college.. i thought this guy was older than me... we just hung out all the time and people kept asking us if we were dating. so, we decided to make it official... then i married him. not sure who is the immature one here.. >.<

  4. PLEASE start an etsy store with your awesome lai see envelopes!


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