Friday, July 6, 2012

Lovely Lady Leis

Just as the title says - let's showcase some absolutely amazing leis done!  These are all thoroughly impressive, and the recipients of all these beautiful leis are lucky indeed!

Zahra made awesome four-color ribbon leis:
Philippines colors!
As well as lovely two toned and flowered leis:
Reminds me of ninja turtles colors :D

Sandy and her sister made one of each lei, including a fantastic origami money lei!
Giants colors! Hehe!

Love the little shirts, so cute!

And Alvina made a lei for her brother! It's big and fluffy! Check out her blog for even more lei-tips, too.

These leis are really inspiring,  I'm totally pumped for next year's graduation season, haha! (Pro tip: stock up on 50 cent ribbon everytime there's a 20% entire purchase coupon at Michaels.)

Also, if you've made a lei and would like to share your creation, feel free to email me at pengawenga at gmail and I'll be sure to post it! There are ribbon lei tutorials on the DIY projects tab at the top if you'd like to make one :)


  1. Wow, these are great! I would especially love to recive the money lei, hehe.

  2. it's a bounty of leis! it's fun to see what people come up with--thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so awesome! I totally want to make more now, especially since I bought a ton of lei books. Thanks for sharing! (:

  4. WHOO HOO!!! How did Sandy make the Giants colored one?

    1. Hi Alvina! I followed Penga's braided lei tutorial (:


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