Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Patio Table Re-Do

Last week Cola-bee posted about revamping her old patio furniture with some spray paint.  Which got me thinking about my own rusty patio furniture. I think her post was an unintended kick-in-the-pants for me to finally do something about this guy:
This is an ikea table Sak and I bought when we first moved in together, and I guess it wasn't meant to be an outdoor table because it didn't take long to rust.
Seeing as we have company coming over (today, actually - happy Independance Day!), the timing was perfect (or perhaps well overdue).
We used red Rustoleum paint since we have some chairs that are already red and it's my favorite color. :P

After I scrubbed it down with some sand paper, hosed the whole thing off, and waited an entire day for the table to dry...I settled in for some spray painting!

Only Sak totally hijacked my project. Way to steal the fun part.
"It's like I'm being a rebel graffiti artist, only...not."  - Sak

We need to get out more.

Anyway, the entire bottle of paint got used up after two light coats.  It was really windy so a lot of the paint blew away while spraying. But two coats seemed to do the trick, so no return trips to the store.
After it dried the next day, the color had dulled a bit, but it looks much better than it did before!
The paint went on nice and smooth, luckily.  We've only spray painted like, twice before - and then only on costumes, so I wasn't sure if we were doing it right.

Yay, company-worthy patio set!

Yet before you think we're classy or anything like that - we still have a set of plastic dumpster-dived chairs. At least they're patriotic, ha!

And I know it's terrible, but I totally have the Team America song stuck in my head.  The infamous, unofficial theme song of Fourth of July?

We're having a barbecue, but I have no idea who is coming since my parents did the inviting. I guess I ought to clean the house a bit and hide my crazy.

Are you doing anything special today? I hope there are fireworks in store for you, that's the best part!


  1. The table looks great! We have made almost no plans other than to go to a barbecue this afternoon ... I hope we get the chance to see fireworks!

  2. Love your patio furniture (and your patio - so envious of people with outdoor spaces)! Have a great BBQ. I'm hoping we get to see a fireworks show from my uncle's houseboat on the Delta :)

  3. A can of spray paint can make such a difference, your table looks great! We're heading out for a family cook out soon and hopefully some fireworks. Enjoy your fourth!

  4. omg i've had the team america song stuck in my head too lately! probably after one of my colleagues said that they're planning to dress up their baby as kim jong-il for halloween because they just re-watched the movie.

  5. "Yet before you think we're classy or anything like that..." hahahah

    "Hide my crazy." Oh penga. Best line ever.

  6. Your table looks great with the chairs you already had. And now I bet you and Sak are going to be addicted to spray painting things, now that you've got your feet wet with spraying more than just costumes!


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