Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweeney Ridge Trail

Sak - Eagle Scout, and me - tubby, decided a bay area hike was in order last weekend. We chose Sweeney Ridge Trail in Pacifica because we wanted to check out the historic Nike Missile Site (named after the Greek goddess of victory).
There's several trail heads, but we chose the one at Skyline College.  It's towards the back of parking lot C, which took us forever to figure out.  Free parking on weekends.

I thought this would be a simple 3 mile hike, and for the most part it was.  However the trail was super overgrown in some areas, and I felt like I needed a machete! Especially since THIS was everywhere:
Three leaves, reddish - poison oak?!
Me, unprepared non-scout, was wearing shorts. Luckily I did not get any rashes, though there was much wailing and scaring of other hikers whenever the leaves would get too close for comfort.

Aside from the possible poison oak, there was many other pretty flora around.

As well as plenty of lizards!
There were mountain lion warnings, but thankfully we didn't run into any.

By far the best part of the trail is the fact that you can see both the Pacific coastline and the Bay at the same time!
Pacific Coast side
Bay side
The views were spectacular!
Sutro tour in the fog
South SF hill sign
At the end of our trek, we reached the Nike Missile Site. It was built to protect the Bay during the cold war.
The place was tagged all over!
I think the graffiti kind of took away from the ominous cold-war atmosphere. :P
Keep it funky indeed
There was also a beehive inside one of the buildings! Eep!

Overall it was a pretty cool hike, though there was definitely some brush involved so long pants are a must!

Have you ever had a poison oak/ivy rash? Itchy itchy!


  1. The scenery is so beautiful, especially the views of the coast and the bay!

  2. wow the views were amazing! i like the graffiti--adds some nice punch to the square gray buildings!

  3. That's a really cool hike! We've never done a hike here in the Bay Area, I think we are all hiked out from when we lived in Tokyo and thought we were mountain goats and hiked all over the place. I'm glad the weather cooperated with you for the pretty views. I live in that fog...

  4. Ugh, that fog! I am so over it, but the views you captured are amazing. We were planning to hike in Half Moon Bay last weekend but decided to do chores instead. Clearly the wrong choice!

  5. It looks suspiciously like poison oak to me, too. Glad you didn't get any rashes!! I miss the fog and views -- especially since the only fog we get here is when it rains and it's hot enough that it starts to evaporate off the ground, so it's fog from below, not fog from above. Looks like a beautiful hike, and navigable by a beginner hiker like me! =)


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