Wednesday, August 8, 2012

House Guests

My laptop got smoosh-crunched sometime during our vacation, so while Sak tries to rescue all my stuff, I'd like to introduce you to our newest house guests!

Our college friend's rabbits accidentally got the chance to breed before he could get them fixed, thus ending up with a cute little litter of grey and black bunnies. My uncle wanted two for my 9 and 11 year old girl cousins, so I get to rabbit-sit for a week or so before they transition to their new home. Yaay! I also get to do a lot of rabbit research so I can educate them on their new pets!

I admit to going a little overboard when it comes to small animal care. The only time Sak and I regularly went to Whole Foods was to pick up ingredients for our homemade rat food. They seriously ate better than we did. So I think I will go overboard with these buns as well!

We made a new coroplast (corrugated plastic) liner for my sister's old C&C cage that we made ages ago for her old guinea pigs.  The bunnies are only five weeks old right now, so as they get bigger I will need to figure out a way to make the walls higher (while still being accessible).
Though cubes and coroplast (C&C) pens are meant for guinea pigs, I think it'll work just fine for rabbits once we modify it.  For now, I just put an elastic crib sheet over the top when we're not supervising them. The crib sheet is a perfect fit, and still allows all the sides to be open and breathable.  C&C cages are awesome for small (non-climbing) rodents, as they allow plenty of running room and are somewhat simple to clean since you can easily pop the liner box out.  I also love how there's storage cubes at the base for food and cleaning supplies.  Here's an awesome link on how to make one - they are fairly inexpensive and easy to make!

Anyway, my family is going to come up on the weekend and bring all the old guinea pig supplies like litter trays, hay feeder, and igloo house. So that's why their home looks pretty boring right now! :P I tried to make a tent out of a trader joe's bag though.

Adventuresome cowlick-bunny checks it out.
Cowlick-bunny is much more active and playful than her sister, munchy-bunny.
Munchy bunny also likes to nap a lot.
"There's a butt in my face!"
I love it when they stand on their hind feet with their little paws in the cute!
They move really fast, so it's hard to take good pictures.  I'm hoping my mom can get some better ones with her good camera this weekend!

Baby animals are so much fun to watch though - they are so playful and curious. I gave them three different types of hay to try - alfalfa (okay only really for baby bunnies), oat, and timothy.  It was fun to see them hop from one to the other deciding which was best (alfalfa won!).  As for pellets, I'm slowly weaning them off the food they ate at their original home and switching them to Oxbow young rabbit food.  It's fortified more for growing bunnies, and I'm a huge fan of Oxbow as they use pretty good ingredients and are one of the only brands that makes a legit rat food.

Anyway, the only thing I'm worried about is my friend was only 70% sure that both rabbits were girls. It's hard to tell when they are so young, but I'm hoping we'll know for certain soon because no one wants another accidental litter!
Cute bunny tail!
Oh, speaking of house guests, my brother is also living with us for a while. Though I haven't seen him but once over the past four days.  Between his job and his massive social life, he's home after we go to bed and we leave for work before he wakes up. He'll be staying with us for a couple months until he finds out where on the peninsula he wants to live. Perhaps unfair, I don't really have a problem this time since he's my own brother. I can nag freely if I have to (though he's a good boy so I know it won't come to that). Ha!

Anyway, three new house guests upon our vacation return! Definitely keeps the post-vacation blues away. :)

Have you ever had a bunny before? What's your tips? (Glasses, I am waggling my finger in your direction especially, lol)


  1. They're sooooo cute! My sister had a rabbit once, very briefly, but I have no tips other than to cuddle them a lot!

  2. Cute bunnies! I've never had one but my favorite books growing up were the Bunnicula books- do you remember those? They were about a vampire rabbit that would drain his veggies of all their color, haha.

  3. Oh so cute!! :D The cube looks like it takes up a lot of room! But that's a lot of room for the bunnies to play in!

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG! They are SOOOOO CUTE! The cage looks perfect. That is the type of cage we kept Chupito in. We also preferred Oxbow for him. It is good that you are weaning off the pellets, those should only be given minimally with unlimited supply of hay of course! Those bunnies are so CLEAN. If Chupito was in there that hay would be all over the place. I also cannot believe they did not try to chew the paper bag right away... apparently bunnies like to play with toilet paper rolls but Chupito would just eat anything paper/cardboard. We used to go crazy buying him all sorts of toys but that was a waste. He really liked putting Ben & Jerry's ice cream containers and Goldfish cracker bags on his head. Just about anything small a bunny can get his head into is good. I would definitely start on the litter training early (let me know if you need help with that) because it's very easy and sets good habits for life. If you have a couple hours and are willing, I would also let them have some out of cage time. Make sure there are no electrical cords or wires around and let them explore. If you are lucky they might even binky from happiness as they are running around (look up bunny binky on YouTube - so cute!). But your set up looks perfect right now! They look so happy and cute! If they are going to be with you a while, you may want to tie up each piece of the cage to another piece because as Chupito got older he would just make a giant running leap at the thing and bash through it. Towards the very end of his days he did learn how to scale the walls so that he could jump out to come visit us at his leisure as well. Email me if you have any questions! Have fun!

  5. omg... i die. So adorable! I love that you're going to teach your cousins about how to care for them.

  6. Sooo cute!!! I love bunnies, their little noses are the best! I had bunnies when I was a little kid! Our first was Crunchy, and our second was Crunchy 2 (we were pretty unoriginal). In hindsight, an Asian family with rabbits named Crunchy probably sounds suspicious, lol! Anyway, they lived outside, and my dad had set up a little heating system, and we'd play with them in the backyard. I have a friend now who has a bunny for her 6 year old that lives in a cage indoors, and then they play in the backyard or in the house with him when they can supervise. I've heard bunnies can be potty trained, so they can roam free and learn to use a litter box in, say, the bathroom!

  7. oh so cute! sounds like they are being well taken care of.

  8. Oh, they are just adorable! I always wanted a pet bunny, but sadly I'm allergic to them. Hope you have lots of fun with them before they move on to their new home!

  9. Bunnies are cute and much more easier to take care than kittens (unlike the two I have). You should be fine as long as you keep track of where they wander to. xD

    Definitely getting bunnies in a few years...after my two cats (now 1 years old) mature a bit...

  10. You'll need a top for that area or make it a lot higher. My rabbit loved to jump and they will easily jump over the edge of that cage as they get older. Potty training them is easy. Once they're potty train and you bunny proof the house (cords and anything they might chew) you can let them run free when someone is home and it's the funniest thing to watch ever. Be aware that most bunny doesn't like to be picked up and no baths.


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