Monday, August 6, 2012

Tansu-style Closet

So ever since we bought the house I've been dreaming of owning a tansu.  Specifically a step tansu, which usually comes in three parts and has loads of storage.
They are usually ridiculously expensive, and we came this close *pinches fingers* to buying one off Craigslist for $500 a while back.  Unfortunately the seller decided to be a jerk and sell it to someone else after saying we could buy it. Happens.

Anyway, I was in the thrift store with my mom the other day and a cabinet immediately struck my eye!  It wasn't a step tansu, but it was tansu styled.  $120 dollars and one Home Depot truck rental later, and we have a tansu-esque closet!
It's real wood, but I hesitate to call it real tansu since the joints are not dovetailed together like a real one should be (this is glue and nails). Also there are no sliding doors. It's still pretty awesome though, with tri-fold  doors...
Actually, the whole thing makes for a perfect futon closet. (It's original use was an TV closet I believe.)  Sak's parents bought us two twin-sized futons (the kind that lay on the floor) from Japan as a present for housing BIL, so they'll sit in here when all the pieces arrive. (Perfect guest beds!)  Right now we just have the sheets and comforters.
Comforters currently fit quite nicely in the bottom!

Although I'm really digging this massive piece of furniture, Sak was initially pretty mad at me for buying it.  You see, I didn't quite think to measure anything when I bought it..And it doesn't actually fit on the wall very well due to a wall sconce being in the way.
Well. It sort of fits. Haha!
Eventually we'll need to remove the sconce, and I think I'd like to turn the cabinet 90 degrees so it's against the wall perpendicular to its current wall. Still haven't decided. What should I do with the hole the wall sconce will leave though? Do they make covers for those sorts of things?

You never know what random things you'll find in a thrift store. :P


  1. I love it! Buying furniture is always a big ordeal for us since we have such limited space. But sometimes when you see something perfect, you just have to go for it... No time for measuring!

  2. Gorgeous cabinet! I hope Sak will learn to love it.

  3. Hahaha, I totally would do the same thing and come home to find out it *just* doesn't quite fit. There are easy electrical covers that would cover up the hole - or you could move the electrical box over a little bit (rather, hire an electrician) if you want to keep the lighting there. Great thrift store find!

  4. Tim thinks it'd look just fine (if not better) if you scooted it from it's current position a little to the right so that it's in the middle of that wall there. Then he said to put an umbrella stand in the corner if you're bothered by the gap.

    Then I suggested a ninja sword umbrella to put in the umbrella stand in the corner.

  5. What a great find! Gorgeous! I love it! Unfortunate about the sconce though. If you don't wind up removing it and moving the closet, what about just moving the closet over to the side so it's not squishing the sconce, and putting a big plant in the space between the wall and the closet? I see there's some kind of vent there, do you use it?

  6. What a great find!

    And I agree with the pp's who said to just scoot the closet over a little to the right, so it's not squishing the sconce. You can position it so it's only covering half of the wall vent, so it's still useable.

  7. Jimmy's waiting for a post about Otakon. LOL! Also, come decorate my apartment. It needs help! :(

  8. Duuude Alvina, Kristin, Morgan..good idea to move it over >.>" lol. I thought I couldn't cover the vent since it might catch fire or something, but you convinced me to look it up and I guess you can cover them safely with a magnetic vent cover. Haha! THANK YOU for saving my poor sconce. I will try and move it :)


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