Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Area Rug: 1/4th

Okay, so it's been more than half a year..but we finally finished one grid of rug! (The last update, which includes rug making instructions, is here.)
So thick and plushy!

Anyway, I'm looking into ways to seal the back of it so that it doesn't come apart.
I found a rug backing at Michael's, but it's kind of pricey (~$10) and doesn't cover much area (only 6 square feet). Though given how much time we're putting into this project, the cost might be worth it! There's always 40% off coupons, haha!
Pajama shot for size reference? 
It's about 2.5x4 feet right now. I need to make three more of these rectangles, and put them together into one big rug! To connect the grids, I'm hoping that overlapping and then pulling the yarn through will be fine. When I get to the next update I'll be sure to share how that turns out.

I've been getting back into the TV + rug work combo now that it's been getting cooler. A warm summer night with a few pounds of yarn on your lap? Not the most comfortable! I think this may be like crocheting a scarf, it's best done cuddled up in the winter with a cup of hot tea!

Though sometimes I wish I did a super intricate design (it'd definitely be more unique and epic), I really like that I can watch TV and not really worry about losing my place while working.

Now, onward to grid #2!


  1. I really like the pattern! It's elegant and pretty!

  2. I like the pattern, and it matches your wedding, too :) I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  3. really cool! I'm glad you took a picture with your feet on it to show how large it really is. I'm impressed... keep at it!

  4. It's looking so great so far! I love mindless projects that you can zone out in front of the TV with. :)

  5. It looks awesome! I didn't realize how big one rectangle was until you shared the shot with your feet, wow that is a ton of work!

  6. ...That's awesome. ._____. I need to do something like that after college apps. My naked wooden floor needs clothing!!

    Sorry for not commenting recently (or updating my blog); I've been quite busy with school and event planning.

    As a side note, would you be willing to come to the Millbrae Japanese Culture Festival and participate in the Costume Contest? :) If you're interested, please reply! If not, that's cool too. :3 But I'll be able to meet you if you do decide to come!

  7. I'm nearing the end of a (much smaller) rug project and have no idea how to finish the backing and edging...have you reached that stage of your rug yet?


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