Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fun & Give-away Winner

So I could just cut to the chase and announce the mini-food kit winner now, but what fun would that be? Instead you'll have to bear through a few random things I've found interesting lately. Ha!

While celebrating a friend's birthday in SF, we ducked into the fancy stores to use the fancy restrooms. I mean, why not? One store (I think it was Neiman's?) had this amazing gigantic mirror that I really want. Can I make this? It looks just like the window out of Darth Vader's tie fighter or something.

Next we have a gift from my brother - because I wouldn't shut up about how fun this strategy board game was. My cousins in DC introduced Sak and I to 7 Wonders, and it's pretty cool.  I especially like how there's not as much sabotage (unlike say, Settlers with the robber), so it's good for people that are bad sports. Haha! Anyway, I've played it like four times now, and every time I'm dead last, but I still enjoy the game. (And I will get better! I will, I will!)

On another note, we started a new study in our small group.  I was skeptical at first since this book (The Helper) on the Holy Spirit was written in the 70's and there's no questions (how can I study if they don't ask questions?!). But this devotional-style book is probably the best study I've ever done, in that it really has been convicting me to think/reflect/pray. I think it's interesting that my anxiety started popping up around the same time I started becoming more aware of the Spirit (seriously, for a non-charismatic church girl, I think the Spirit is the least discussed of the trinity).  So I think He's trying to guide my life (and probably always has been), and I'm just now starting to listen.  Of course, I still have no idea what the plan is, so I'm stuck with the anxiety for the meantime.  Hopefully with more prayer I'll be able to understand what He wants! (And then even more prayer that I'll actually obey when it becomes known..haha >.>")

Lastly, Penga-Sis has been using this face scrub, so we bought one to see what the fuss was about.

Sak: "Looks like a stain pre-treater."

Feeling like dirty laundry aside, I like it, and best of all, when you run out of soap you can refill it and use whatever soap you like with the scrubber head.
(Garnier The Brusher)
Okay, enough random thoughts. Time for the winner!
And that would be eypang!

Please send me an email eypang and let me know where you'd like your mini-food kit sent! My email is pengawenga at gmail.

And special thanks to everyone for participating! :)


  1. I've only played 7 Wonders three times. I won my first game even though I was totally confused, and the second game I played the winner was also new and confused. So...maybe you do better if you don't think too much!

  2. YOU JUST GOT 7 WONDERS?! LOL when our apt is in order we'll have to have you guys over for BOARD GAMES.

    I think that's a feng shui bagua mirror...?

    1. YES. You can come to our place too and school us in said board games. Lol! Do you have a designated game night? I feel like we need one. Lol.

  3. we have 7 wonders! we played it with ed last christmas!

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