Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Roann's Buttons v2

I've had the pleasure of making buttons for Sak's friend Roann in the past - so I was super excited to see the new designs he came up with! Can you tell the theme?
Zodiac animals!  In brush paint style, pretty cool!

Looking at the bunny button reminds me...we still have the bunnies! For whatever reason, it appears that we are keeping them? Which is fine, I will treat them well, but it wasn't really the original plan. They are rather big now! And it's hard to trim their nails because they are ridiculously squiggly. They also need names. I was thinking Bempi and Rhea, but Sak's against it because bempi is Japanese for constipation, and Rhea short for diarrhea. Haha! They are cute names if you don't think about the meaning..muahaha. Other alternatives are Crazy and Lazy, or Humper and Thumper. That's right, I think one is a boy. I need them to be old enough to get fixed at the vet! (Until then, their pen is separated in half.)

Anyway, back to buttons. Though I am an ox, my favorite has to be the chicken and the monkey..
Their big eyeballs are so funny! I love it.

Ox are supposed to be hard working and stubborn, I think. I guess that describes us. Though sometimes
we're pretty lazy too. :P

What animal represents you in the zodiac?


  1. Cute buttons! I love the monkey, too - adorable! That's funny about the rabbit names :)

  2. We had a rabbit growing up called Crunchy! (Did I comment about that before? About how bad it sounds in hindsight since we're an Asian family? Hahaha!) And I'm a sheep/ram, but I think I like the dog button best! The dragon is pretty kick-ass, too -- and is my daughter's sign!

  3. These are SO cute!!! :D YAY OXENS!!

    1. PS - TOO FUNNY on the constipation and diarrhea :oP


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