Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Treats

So I'm supposedly on a healthy-penga diet so I can fit into my sundresses again for when we go back to Hawaii this winter (YAY!). But I can't resist trying out a new food - especially if it's sweet!

How about an ice cream taiyaki?

So cute!
Filled with red bean and some sort of frozen soft cream/whip creamish stuff.

Or this candy, that promises an archaeological dig inside it's milk chocolaty goodness?
Okay, so this one was pretty disappointing. I thought it would come with an mini tool for digging. Nope, nothing! And I'm not sure the gummy inside really resembles a dino, but then I did let it half-melt in the car for a while...

A little more grown-up, how about a tasty thai tea popsicle?
These are seriously amazing. One of my favorite drinks, frozen on a stick! How can one resist? They also make a melon flavor that I really like too!

Anyway, it's good I have Sak and other family to help me eat all the interesting stuff I find. Or maybe I just need to stay in the vegetable aisles of grocery stores from now on. :P

Have you discovered a new sweet treat to indulge on this summer?


  1. I'd never heard of any of these! They look pretty good though! I've just been sticking with ice cream all summer — too hot for anything else!

  2. soooo lucky! What I would do to have some fun treats like these in awesome flavors to try. I would be off the diet in a heartbeat too.

  3. We have a local "craft popsicle" stand, if you can believe it, and one of their flavors is Thai tea. I love it! The flavors work really well as a pop.

  4. oh snap polly ann's makes thai tea popsicles?!?!? Oh how I've missed polly ann's!!!

  5. Man, I miss good Asian markets!! I did find a new sweet treat this summer, but it's not cold in any way, which sucks 'cause I live in AZ. =) It's the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate covered Powerberries. We don't have one nearby, but one time we were in town, and we stopped and I thought I'd try it out. Yum!!

  6. So cute! My sweet treats this summer were watermelon and tart frozen yogurt. Btw, I can't go to Maker Faire! I'm so sad. That weekend is packed for us... :-(

  7. the taiyaki is adorable and i would love those thai tea popsicles.


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