Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Halloween Soap

So I've been itching for more soap-making excuses, and a Halloween party totally counts, right?
I used this Wilton mold originally meant for making chocolate covered oreos, and it makes for really nice sized decorative soap pucks.
Using the dropper, I filled the image (pumpkin/cat) part of the mold with one color of soap.  It hardened while I mixed up the second color of soap, and then I just poured that in to fill up the entire mold.  The tricky part was getting the soap out though.  I ended up sticking the tray in the freezer for half an hour before it would release, and if you can tell, I kinda tore up the plastic sides while trying to wiggle them free.

But they came out fairly well!
It's shea butter melt and pour soap with apple pie scent. Very..autumn-smelling.
I plan to put them in favor bags for the girls. I'm thinking guys wouldn't be that interested in decorative soap. Maybe girls wouldn't either, but girls would be nice enough not to comment on it in front of me, right? Haha!


  1. those are fabulous! what a great idea. and i love that they are scented.

  2. I love these and would be excited to receive them as a favor :)

  3. somehow i really wanna take a bite of them...

  4. AH-DORABLE! You're so clever :)

  5. I would definitely feel special coming to a party with a cute favor like this.


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