Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Party Invites 2k12

Whee! I love October, especially since we get to host our somewhat-annual Halloween party! YAY!

Here's the invite for this year, which I emailed out practically five seconds ago.

I decided to use our bunnies as inspiration, haha! By the way, we came to an agreement on names: Nobukatsu and Mochizuki.  Both somewhat silly sounding samurai names. We call them Katsu and Mochi for short. Can't go wrong with food names, right? Much better than Bempi and Rhea at least.  And they actually have halloween costumes! I can't wait to show you..they are halloween hats for cats, but they totally work for bunnies too. I'll show them off once I can get them to hold still for five seconds (impossible!).

Anyway, here is the "blank" invite if you'd like to use it as a template. (Click image for the full size.)

And here's the link to last year's invite template, if you'd rather have pac man ghosts! Oh, and also check out Kim's invites for her own halloween party, they are pretty amazing!

Now..I guess I ought to work on our costumes. I haven't even started! (Though I did buy some fabric, does that count?)

Are you going (or hosting) a halloween party this year? You can come to mine if you'd like! :)


  1. Cute bunny invites and I can't wait to see the hats/costumes :) Thanks for the link love... It sounds like the 27th will be a fun night for all!

  2. you know i'd love to be there! love the invites.

  3. I love the invites!! Yay for some real-life bunny inspiration. =) We won't be doing much. We have a boring costume for Evie, but that's about it. I guess we'll probably eat a lot of candy. =) Can't wait to see your bunny hats!!


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