Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Rabbits

Halloween is almost here, so I tried really hard to get a picture of Mochi and Katsu in their halloween hats. They really don't like hats, and they really don't like standing still! So basically we let them run around the house til they were too tired to resist the hat for a few minutes. :P
Katsu is a pumpkin! They are actually cat hats, but it's perfect for rabbits too!
Mochi is a ladybug.  A real feisty one! It's funny when she runs around the hard wood floor, if she has too much momentum, she'll slide around like Thumper on ice! Katsu is much lazier and prefers to hop around slowly, looking for things to nibble on.

I think (hope) they are full sized now, and we'll definitely be making appointments to get them fixed in the coming month or so. I think they'll be much happier together without the partition between their cage, and I'll rest much easier knowing there's no chance for baby bunnies!

They like their pellets the best, and alfalfa hay. Other types of hay they will eat, but only if it's the last thing left in the cage. I don't think they are quite ready for fresh foods yet, as they haven't been too interested in the few veggie bits I've offered them. I think the only thing they ate was the fresh chrysanthemum leaves left over from hot pot.

What I did find interesting is that Mochi will drink her water nearly twice as fast as Katsu.  Is that a girl bunny thing? Is it just because she is more active?

Anyway, being as they are larger, they are way messier than rats or guinea pigs. They poop SO much. They also have jaws of steel and chew through the bungee cords that keep them in their cage. >.>" But they are super cute and fun to watch, so that makes up for it I suppose! :)


  1. You got them to stay still long enough for the hats! They are adorable. Mochi looks like she is saying "Oh gosh oh gosh please let this be over soon!"

  2. OMG, they are so adorable in their little hats!!

  3. So cute! Good luck with the transition to fresh food, and I love the hats :)

  4. AWWW, so cute!!!! I had bunnies growing up, but they were outdoor bunnies. Happy Halloween, Mochi and Katsu!! =)

  5. those are just adorable. i can just imagine them slipping and sliding across the floors.


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