Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

With the Giant's parade mania today, who knows if I'll actually get home in time to pass out candy, but hopefully!

On Saturday we held our annual Halloween party. Every year I never take enough pictures, but this year was the worst! I seriously only took like, three during the party. Boooo.

But it was fun! Aside from the part where I forgot to cook the rice for the katsu curry. Blurgggh. I made people wait. for FOOD. Unacceptable.
Girly favors had soap, nail stickers, buttons, and a magic towel..cause everyone needs a towel to go with their soap, ha! When it comes to goodie bags I apparently have the mind of a twelve year old tween. :)
I started a theme for the downstairs mantle, potion shop! It's still got a ways to go, maybe next year or so it'll be more cluttered and wizardy looking.
A bunch of 99 cent bottles from Michaels (with coupons, even cheaper!) filled with water and food coloring. Also bottles with loose leaf teas.
Anyway, costumes! Here's Sak, as DBZ's Great Saiyaman. (I did Videl as Saiyagirl, Gohan's counterpart)
I'll do a post eventually on cosplay specifics. We weren't able to do the helmets in time, so that'll be my  project to finish before the next convention.

Almost everyone else dressed up too! Yay!
Weddingbee folks may recognize the lovely Mrs. Glasses the pirate and her Dr. Who husband! (Glasses - so glad you guys could come to our nerdy get-together even in the abnormally hot weather lol)

Later on there was a Jimi Hendrix, a (medical) doctor, and MODOK. Unfortunately, I did not get their pictures. Puu~

Anyway, the party highlight of course was the movies! First Black Sheep, which is basically killer mutated zombie sheep in New Zealand. And the second wasn't a horror movie at all, but rather the world's most horribly made movie: The Room. Hi doggy.

After which we played a few rounds of telephone pictionary before everyone either went home or passed out. :)

Thanks to everyone who came, especially the long distance L.A. folk!

Now we have a year to come up with new awesomely bad movies. This'll be a tough year to beat, for sure!


  1. Epic party, thank you for the invite and for feeding us :) Those movies were AWESOME(ly bad). Dave found a "The Room" video game which was pretty hilarious. Remind me to pass you the link sometime!

  2. Oh wow, we watched The Room once. It was so bad it was funny!

  3. I hope the katsu curry wasn't your bunny! ;) Great costumes and decor!! I love the potions!!!

  4. So fun! I love the "potion shop" on the mantle. Happy Halloween :)

  5. I did not hit her, it's not true! It's bullshit! I did not hit her!

    I did NAHT...


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