Friday, October 5, 2012

Tree Trimming

Other than forking over money, I had absolutely no hand in this tree trimming, but I'm just so excited about how nice it is I had to share. Sometimes it really does pay to hire a professional!

We have about five trees on our property, most of which were getting fairly unruly. We bought tree pruners and a chain saw to try and maintain the trees ourselves, but between spiders (me) and height problems (Sak), we weren't doing a very good job.

On the recommendation of a co-worker, Sak called some pro tree people, got a free quote, and set up an appointment on my regular day off (every other Friday).  And you know how I have phone-call phobia?  Well, that totally extends to contractor-phobia as well. So I did as any responsible (insert sarcasm here) adult would do - I called my mother and begged her to come protect me from myself for the day. On the promise of thrift shopping, she agreed to help me, and did a great job communicating to the three person work crew on my behalf.  I stayed in my room whimpering loudly and folding load after load of laundry. I would do it all again though (with my mom of course), because we have the window view back!

And the curbside tree is so cute now! (I consider this my service to my neighbors. haha!)

And the crazy tree no longer brushes against the deck! (Helps reduce the amount of spiders crawling into my home I hope?)

We had four trees trimmed for $750.  Home/yard ownership is not cheap, but from what I've heard this was a pretty good price. I'm hoping we won't have to cut the trees again for a while though!


  1. Part of my job description is to talk to people all day, but I HATE talking to people, so when I get home, I make my husband call to make reservations and the like. He gets annoyed so sometimes I just have to suck it up! Love that cute tree in your front yard :)

  2. oh wow, that is a huge difference with a scary price tag! But I really love the end result.

  3. It looks so great! I bet you really love getting that view back!

    And I'd say that was a pretty good price you got too. Even where we are now where most everything is cheaper than the bay, we still are going to have to pay around $5K to have 12 trees removed. Someday. When we save up. But it is definitely worth it to have pros do it!

  4. The curbside tree IS so cute! And round! :D

    I have spider problems too :)

  5. I totally agree it was worth it. Especially when chainsaws would be involved, haha. I wish my husband agreed about hiring pros for our backyard. He's still doing one concrete section at a time for the footers for the wall and patio. I think he's waiting for Evie to get old enough to help. Lol! Great to have your view back!!

  6. My mom always rant about the trees in front of our patio because we live on the first floor...but yes, that does look a lot nicer. Was the amount of sunshine limited? Because ours was and it was really bothering us, having a dark house all the time.

    :) If you can come to the festival this weekend, that'd be great! Just walk to a booth called MHS Japanese Cultural Club and pester them about a girl called Amy, but I'll announce something at 3pm. I'll be walking around in a yukata (I have no idea what color). Hoping to see you there!

  7. Your trees look great! Very much worth the money. I just love your view!


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