Monday, October 22, 2012

Umai! : Hedgehog Bao

Deep in the frozen tundra of the Asian freezer food aisle lived a band of spiky little fellows.
A warm trip to the sauna warmed their cute buns to a perfectly squishy state.
Why hello there, little guys!
Mr. Hedgehog bao, you are so adorable!
I must take a bite.
Red bean blood! Eep!

(Found them at Marina Food Market in San Mateo for about $3.5)


  1. HAHA they're SO cute! "a warm trip to the sauna"! heheh!

  2. You are too cute, Penga. I have no idea where you find these things. The coolest thing I've found at a grocery store is a purple yam. I'm going to make them for Thanksgiving!


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