Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Eraser Magnets

Whenever I go to stores like Daiso and see those cute little food-shaped erasers, I cave. :P Usually I justify myself by giving them to my sister, but here's another ridiculously easy way to give the little things a bit more function.
Pack of flat magnets + cute erasers + glue = insta cute magnet!
Makes me hungry.
Works great!
Seeing as I don't know anyone who uses these things as actual erasers, this is a good way to display one's collection. Or you could use them to feed your action figures. Can't say I haven't done that either. >.>" 

Now I'm hoping Penga-Sis knows where all her erasers are, so we can glue some more magnets to them. I love a cluttered refrigerator. Inside and out :P


  1. what a great idea, and so cute! teehee your drawing is so funny...

  2. Those erasers are really cute!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. BRILLIANT! My mom bought already-made ones from HK!!!! And you just MAKE THEM for like $3?! Madness. I must go get some soon. Stocking stuffers! I need a glue gun though...

  4. Oh dear. I need to make a few of those. I use my glue gun (not plugged in) to scare my cats. I raise it up to them and say "Pew Pew!" and my older one cringes in fear.

    This is actually a nice way to use them. The erasers I buy from Daiso and Ichibankan don't work too well; most practical is MONO from TOMBOW, but it's not sold in the US anymore due to having PVC.

    Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!

  5. Cute magnets are so expensive. I will keep this project in mind the next time I see some cute erasers.

  6. I MADE THESE! Except they just peel off.... What did I do wrong? Or should I not try to move them...? :(

    1. Did you use the big magnets? I tried the smaller ones with tape on them and those fell off, but the ones shown above are still on the fridge. I also used a BIG wad of hot glue on each. I can still pull them off f I tried, but they haven't fallen off on their own yet. Bumms that yours are peeling off! Is there a stronger adhesive maybe..super glue? :(

    2. BUT I BOUGHT THE GLUE GUN JUST FOR THIS! :oP I used the same sized magnets as in your "supplies" picture! (They have bigger ones but I thought those were too big for the erasers.) Well, I didn't try to pull them off this time (I lightly tugged last time) and stuck them on the fridge. (They haven't fallen off.) I just worry that if I put them in a gift bag or whatever to give to people, it'll fall off in the bag. :(

      Super glue would've been better.... and instructions that say... don't pull. hahah.

    3. BUT GLUE GUNS ARE USEFUL FOR EVERYTHING! lol. actually i just tried again today using the cute flat animal set erasers from Daiso and it doesn't work. They keep fallng off. Maybe it's the eraser type? The animal ones seem to be a softer rubber. Did you use the food ones too?

    4. Yeah I used the food ones. I have the same ones you do... and then one with green tea, mochis on a stick, and some bao in a leaf? And then some American pastries with ice cream cone, donut, and strawberry cake. :) They've been on the fridge for 2+ days and none have fallen off. I just have to figure out how to package them so that they don't break off before the recipient receives them. AFTER they receive them, I am not held responsible! :oP


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