Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Kuragehime Clara Jellyfish Plush

Recently I discovered Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) the manga (and then the anime), and I am in LOVE.  Seriously, I haven't been this into a shoujo since Lovely Complex. It's hilarious with lots of doki doki moments, and the art is lovely too. Though season one of the anime is complete, the manga is still ongoing, yay!

It centers around a household of awkward female otaku, each with their own unique obsession. Trains for Banba-san, old men for Jiji, China's three kingdom's period for Mayaya, kimono for Chieko, and jellyfish for the heroine: Tsukimi. They don't have jobs and can't function around men or normal people. Tsukimi's jellyfish is rescued by a beautiful woman who turns out to be a dude cross-dressing, and there's a hot older brother that kind of reminds me of Sak. And really I think you should just watch the series or read the manga because I can't do it justice. It's hilarious. (It's on Youtube under Princess Jellyfish)

PLUS, there's Star Wars and movie references in the opening! Here, watch:

Kuragehime OP from Mizuiro on Vimeo.

But anyway! The point of this is that there's an episode where they make little jellyfish plushies to sell at a swap meet for 500 yen.
(screencaps from the youtube vids (ep 8))
Aren't they cute?! I wanted one. Obviously. There's a video on how to make one already, but I didn't want to bother with patterns and creating my own frill so I went my own lazy route :)

An embroidery hoop, some cute fabric, a couple buttons, stuffing and lace/eyelet trim is what you'll need:

Put the fabric in the hoop and cut a square or circle around it.
Stitch around the hoop with some strong thread (I had to do this three times due to thread breaks. Ended up using two strands of embroidery floss).
Sew on the buttons for eyes and a mouth if you'd like.
Then pop it out and gently tug the strings to gather your circle.
Add fluff and pull some more. Below is about as much as I could pull it shut without the thread breaking again.
Smooth out your face, looking pretty cute!
Sew the hole in the bottom shut to keep the fluff from coming out by threading straight through the whole thing, back and forth.
Then sew on your trim. I folded mine over in a little pleat to give it some oomph.
Cut any excess fabric off the bottom.
And finally add a little thread loop on the top of the head if you'd like to hang it!
All done! One super cute, DIY Clara plushie!
Not sure it's worth over five dollars, but it's squishy and cute!


  1. Very cute! You should make a whole bunch and hang them all around the room :)

  2. I'm half asleep. I spackled on the concealer to cover my dark undereye circles.

    Two nights ago I watched the entire anime, in bed on youtube on my ipad, I barely slept. Last night, again with the ipad in bed, I read the manga where the story left off. I'm sure I smacked myself (dozing off) with the ipad a couple of times, but I had to know what happened next.

    1. Omg! two days! But wasn't it worth it?!! Who's your favorite amar? Which brother do you like best for tsukimi? :) I like younger brother for her and older brother for myself, hahahaha

    2. I heart Mayaya for her arm motions and reactions. My hubs and I do the exact same arm poke/jab motion at each other! If I was Tsukimi, I would pick the older bro, you can still hang out with you younger bro-in-law.

  3. Hello ! Thank you very much for this tutorial, I had found your jellyfish so cute that I tried to do mine :D
    (here is mine : ^^)

  4. I really had a great time with your post! I am looking forward to read more blog post regarding this!


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