Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just My Two Cents

I'm sure you've all heard by now - Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm and plans to bring Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, 9 (and possibly more) to the screen, the first by 2015.

After the initial force disturbance shock and images of Star Wars High School Musical parading cruelly around my mind, I calmed down and thought about what it meant to me as a fan.  I mean, when Episode 1 came out I was beyond ecstatic - anything for more Star Wars.  I skipped school for the first time to stand in line for the midnight show, and the watched it a total of 11 times in the theater.

But now? I'm kind of dreading the new movies. Not necessarily because Disney will be behind them - I'm sure some things will be better even, like the writing. I'm sure they can find a better script writer..."you torment my soul", anyone?

What I dread is the movies themselves. The plot. The characters.  Because it'll be Episode 7. POST original trilogy. POST something that was perfect, ending just as it did.

Besides, there's already extensive storylines written out for the happens after, in the form of expanded universe (EU) books and comics.  I'm worried they will dump the EU altogether, as it looks like it's headed that way. Will Jacen, Jaina, Anakin and Ben (Solo and Skywalker kids) still exist? What about Mara Jade! If she doesn't play a part in the story, I can't even imagine. Will they recast Han, Leia and Luke? And if they keep the EU, can they even do it justice? Is it better to leave the EU alone, left for joy of the nerdy folks and not the mainstream? Will Disney continue to make novels and comics? There's so many unknowns.
Reading my favorite series back in Jr High
Also, with Disney's love for the campy and familiar, I wouldn't be surprised if they resurrect Vader and Yoda simply for the chance for further marketing. I hope they don't beat a dead horse jedi.
"Reading is good, but don't you ever try to branch out a bit, daughter?"
So basically, due to my attachment to the characters and novels in the EU, I'm currently hedging towards the dark-sided opinion of this announcement.
Vacation? I'd rather be in a galaxy far, far away.
However, I'm sure as the movie draws closer and more details are released, my excitement will grow once again like it did over a decade ago.  A fan is a fan, afterall. Good or bad. Jar Jar or no Jar Jar.

(Just please, please keep Leia out of the Disney princess line-up? That'd be weird.)


  1. Isa that missa Lucas?
    Yousa know him?

  2. You should keep your opinions in your pocket!

  3. Those photos are amazing. :)

    I've never even seen Episodes I-III, so I'm not really qualified to state an opinion on the whole thing.

  4. i hope the movies don't end up disappointing you and the other fans!

  5. Well, the way I see it, George Lucas messed up 1-3 pretty bad. So unless it can get even MORE downhill from here, I cross my fingers for something to good to come of this. I think E is a pretty reliable source, apparently Episode 7 will be an original story:

    Also, oh hi Tommy Wiseau.

    1. Yeah, I heard about the original story..I wonder if that mean original but still fits in the EU canon, or completely new? But you're right that it probably can't get much worse than 1-3!

  6. Hopefully Disney won't beat Star Wars to death like the Pirates of Carribean series...


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