Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marin Headlands

In the midst of daily Muni commuting and general fogginess, sometimes I forget what a beautiful area I get to live and work in.  Luckily when we have visitors I can take some time to appreciate what's here!

On two different weekends within the last month or so, we took Sak's parents and then my parents to the Marin Headlands, specifically to the Point Bonita lighthouse. If you want breathtaking, iconic shots of the Bay - this is where it's at.
Black sand beaches at the base of the cliff..
And an amazing treasure trove of historical bunkers, gun turrets, and forts from the Civil War to the Cold War.
WWII gun mount base
Cracked civil war era bunker
Penga-Sis acting like Slenderman in a creepy concrete tunnel
Amazing "hobbit house". You can go inside too, if you're brave enough! (I wasn't). Lots of creepy graffiti inside according to Penga-Sis
Not-so-creepy graffiti. Haha
Up the hill is the Marine Mammal Center, where they rehabilitate and heal sick and injured seals, sea lions, otters, etc.
Just in case anyone needs the recipe, lol
Getting better!
On a clear day you can see seals sun-bathing on rocks.
And flocks of seagulls swiping at the fishing boats as they clean their catch and come into harbor.
The path to the lighthouse is truly amazing, with a tunnel right in the rock and everything.
The bridge was a little scary!
But it was worth crossing!

This is definitely one "tourist" place I don't think I could tire of.  And we didn't even see everything! And it's all free aside from the bridge toll :)

Next time you're in the Bay Area on a sunny day (rare, I know), check out the Marin Headlands, it's breathtaking!


  1. Haha, I've taken Todd to the City maybe 5 times, and EVERY TIME, it's been sunny and beautiful!! And I love the Marin Headlands, especially since he proposed at the beach (Kirby, I think?) down by the base of the bridge on the Marin side. =) I didn't know there was a marine mammal center, though!!! I have to go check it out next time we're up there.

  2. Beautiful views! I know, it's easy to take for granted when we live it everyday, but we are very lucky to live here.

  3. Wait. Did you go on Nov 10th?? I WAS THERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY ADVENTURE! :D Oh bum, we couldn't figure out how to access the hobbit house and the nuclear something station? Tim was trying to find that. :(

  4. Those are some great shots, love the first one of the bridge and the last one of the lighthouse!!!

  5. This place looks stunning! I pretty much have to put it on my California bucket list now, haha.

  6. how beautiful (the coastline, not the bunkers)! and you got to see seals!!!

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