Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Hodge Podge

I really don't know if I like white/silver elephant gift exchanges. I never seem to get it right. Either it's too stupid (spam cans) or too normal (giftcard). I have sensitive feelings so I tend to go the boring route. No one can say no to Vader with a giftcard, right?

Anyway, just a few snippets of Christmastime around our area lately..
The rabbits have taken to eating the bottom of our fake tree. I don't know why. And yes, those are nerf guns on the coffee table >.>"

And little reindeer!

And X-wing snowflakes! I cut them with my silhouette using the shapes from here.

Downstairs is all penguins!
Even penguin nativity, haha!

I fell in love with the rock candy stir sticks at Sak's annual holiday party..

And found these cute Hello Kitty hot choco packs at World Market, perfect for little gifts!

For church and for work I made little cookie bags with a small leaf tag cut with my new friend..

Not pictured, but I tried making earl grey cookies this year. Though someone ate them at work, they were pretty weird. I kept getting weirded out that I was basically just eating tea leaves. Weird. I don't think I'll make them again, though they tasted okay.

Also, does anyone else keep a gift log? I write all the gifts I give/plan to give every year in a journal so I don't end up giving the same thing in subsequent years! Plus it helps me stay organized. This journal dates back to 2007, and after the holidays are over I just put it back in the box with all the Christmas decor for next year!

Anyway, I love December! I think I'm nearly prepared for Christmas, just two more sewing projects and a whole lot of wrapping left!

How's your holiday spirit? Get enough Mariah Carey and Wham! yet?


  1. so festive, i love all the penguins!

  2. Cute cookie bags and I love your penguin collection! Early Grey cookies sound good to me! Also, it's a great idea to write down gifts so you don't repeat. I need to start doing that myself :)

  3. Love all the penguins! Like you, for white elephant gifts I normally go with a gift card and something cheap (like a set of shot glasses from Ross). I like that the gift gets stolen because people really want the gift card.

  4. love the X wing snowflakes! Might have to make a few for the house. :)

  5. I love that your ledge changes with the season! I've never done a white elephant party before (Japanese company, now a French company... never gonna happen!) but aren't the presents supposed to be terrible? Yours is adorable! Happy holidays Saks!

    1. They are supposed to be terrible, but sometimes people still bring nice things and then if you're the only one that brought something crappy its embarrassing. Unless its with my family or something, I don't like to take the risk! :P

  6. Love all the decorations! And I totally keep a gift log, too! I keep it on google docs (now google drive, I guess) so Todd can go back and look at what "we" have given. Lol! We're doing white elephant with a few friends, and I have a hard time, too. I found a cute Mario Bros 8gb USB key that fit the price range, I hope someone likes it, but if not, I'd take it myself!

  7. So many penguins!! :D Cute! And WHOOO you got a silhouette?!? Awesome! The bags of cookies are so cute. I haven't managed to come up with any cute ideas and I only have like 4 coworkers in the office. Perhaps I shall bake tomorrow night. :oP

    I also need to visit World Market for wonderful random crap!

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