Friday, January 25, 2013

Custom Cut Wedding Card

My brother attended a friend's wedding recently, and since I was obnoxiously prancing around the house bragging about how amazing my new cutting machine was, he asked me to make a card for him.  His request was only that it include the Bible verse of his choice. Challenge accepted.

So I took a look at their pretty green invitation (which I forgot to take a picture of..) and set out to cut a custom card on the silhouette.
The heart motifs were taken from their invitation, and other than the verse not cutting out completely clean, it came out pretty well!
I think the problem was the linen paper. Although I love using it for it's beautiful texture, it's probably harder to cut through than regular cardstock. Maybe I'd have better luck using a fabric blade?

I figure it's still readable, so all good, yeah? I'm sure the gift my brother stuck inside makes up for any cutting inadequacies anyway! Haha!


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