Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Burrito Method Pillowcase

While Joanns fabric was having a great 60% off flannel sale back in December, I rummaged through the internet looking for a good flannel project. After pages of pajamas, I found this video tutorial from DIY Dish on how to make a pillowcase. It's super simple to make, and looks really well-finished when completed!
You need 3/4 yard of main pillow fabric, 1/4 yard of pillow cuff fabric, and some trim (I just used big double fold bias tape).

The directions are as simple as lay everything together, roll up the ends like a burrito and pin. Sew a straight line across the top and undo your burrito, and all the edges are nicely hidden inside, no mess! I french seamed the body of the pillow together after, so there are practically no unfinished edges at all, awesome! Go watch the video tutorial because none of what I said makes sense without pictures, lol.
My mom loved the camera print, so fun!
For my cousin's little son, I made a super busy one with tons of animals.
I love this print, Though little L was more interested in the spiderman toothbrush and other toys inside rather than the pillowcase. I don't blame him.

If you need a good beginner/quick sewing project, this would be a great one! You could use fancier silky fabrics too maybe, for a nice gift set or something? I might make some new simple white ones for our home since ours are getting a little ratty.


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