Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Little Link Cosplay

My old college roomie is both a Zelda fan and has two twin boys, so what better cosplay for her kids than Link?  Of course, I had to get her permission on the whole sword-weapon thing first of course. ;)

I bought two foam swords from Daiso, but they had cutlass hilts instead of the plain sword hilt that Link uses. A little scissor modification and it looks pretty good, yeah?
After & Before
Clang Clang!
 Since I didn't think it'd be cool to fight over who gets to be green-Link, I opted for red and blue Links.

I made the hat by first making a big isosceles triangle pattern from some newspaper, and then cutting out and sewing two triangles from fleece.
 Then I screenprinted shirts using freezer paper just as I did for Pretzel's onesie.
Cute cute! They could also double as gnome costumes if you can get the hat to stand up straight, haha!

My friend said her husband asked why I didn't make him one too. @_@  Though I'm thinking they should totally go as family-Zelda for Halloween. She'd make a gorgeous Zelda, dad can be green Link with two mini Links, how cute would that be?!


  1. Omg! Yes! If Blobby is a boy I already have a Halloween costume picked out... it involves a lot of green yarn and stone knitting :)

  2. Super cute! You are such a good friend :)

  3. "big isosceles triangle pattern" heh heh! Those are super cute! You are costume maker master. :)

  4. you are the best--such a thoughtful friend.


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