Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Coat Rack Tree

This could also be titled, "how to be very inept at woodworking". 

Sak has a nasty habit of leaving his jackets on the floor when he comes home.  I have a nasty habit of leaving them in piles on chairs. I've been wanting a coat rack for a while now, and I wanted to make my own, but I had too many holes in my original plan.

The original plan, for kicks, was to make a coat rack that looked like the Pokemon Sudowoodo:
Yeahhhh, how cool would that have been?! If anyone makes one please give me directions. :D 

But being the beyond novice wood-workers we are, Sak thought it'd be better to use an already made plan. I picked this one from Ana-White, which is a very cute coat rack with branches.  The plan says it's for under $10, but either from bay area inflation or me not picking the right type of wood, supplies were more like $30. :P

Sak finally pulled out the miter saw he got for Christmas in 2011, and sawed some rather perfect looking angle-cuts. So cool! (Though I'll be honest after all the safety training I've had at work, I kept thinking he'd saw his arm off and I'd have to try some serious first aid.)
Yeah. Made him remove the robe too. >.>"
Then Penga-bro came home and seeing as we were doing a man-craft, decided to help out. 
Um. So three engineers do not a construction team make. Though all of us blame shoddy directions (of course, lol), we could not screw it together properly! Either the wood would split, or the screw would break off!
Frustrated, we ended up switching to hammers, nails, and wood glue. >.>"
It looked pretty shoddy, and after I tried wood putty to make it nicer, it looked even worse. Haha!
But we sanded down and made it the best we's not bad from far away.
Spraypaint, and we're done.
See our new rabbit setup in the back? More to come on that :)
Overall, I really like it, even if it is a little bumpy.  There's a couple wiggly branches due to the nails being inferior to screws, but other than that, it works and holds up a good amount of jacket weight.

I wanted to make a few other wood items since we got the saw put together, but I'm told I should stick to paper and fabric crafts until we get some proper wood-working training. :P


  1. I like it! I was thinking the other day I would like a coat rack because we just toss ours over the dining room chairs. But then I remembered I live in Texas and I need a coat rack for approximately 15 days a year ... but I still kind of want one anyway.

  2. I think it looks great! We got a coat rack/tree for our wedding, but I have been looking for something with a few more hooks like yours.

  3. It looks good! Having a rack like that would probably cut down on walking all the way to the coat closest that we have to do!

  4. LOL -- man-craft and "Um. So three engineers do not a construction team make." It looks pretty cute! Maybe add some um... green pom poms. :oP

  5. You could put hooks instead and wont have any problems with those branches.

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