Friday, March 8, 2013

Rabbit Pen

I'm happy to report that Mochi and Katsu, resident rabbits, are all healed and happy and relatively well behaved at this point!
Since they are grown-up rabbits now at 7 months, it's time they had a grown-up rabbit pen.
For once the rabbits are cleaner than I am. Ignore the snowman grate. It's still winter, right? >.>"
It's simple really.  I got the idea from this plan. A plastic barrier on the floor, covered by a cheap IKEA rug, and a large dog exercise pen on top. I got mine on sale at the Petco website, but I think the 48" one we have is too tall.  Maybe the 36" would have been adequate, but at least I know for sure they can't jump out?
They use a cat litter box, and Sak rigged a hay feeder out of the old cage.  It's been a week now, and they are pretty good about using the litter pan.  I'll find the errant poop here or there, but it's a lot better than I expected actually.

The best part is the gate.  It has a spring lock, so it's easy to open and close, and now they can go in and out at their leisure when its open (versus the old cage where I had to pick them up).
They seem to really like it! I'll leave the door open when we're home, and they'll go back in the cage on their own when they get tired or hungry.
I have to keep putting new cardboard in though. They get bored easily!
boxed rabbit.
But by far the best part is that they can now play together! The first day there was a lot of naughty behavior as they struggled for dominance, but now they are so cute and cuddly together!
Hopefully this pen works out for a long time, because so far we all seem to like it! :)


  1. Those ears! Love!!!! The door is really handy... we had to try a lot of variation in terms of cages but the easiest was always when we could just open a door and Chupito could leave when he wanted as opposed to picking him up. Chupito was very clever though, and when he didn't have a door, he would just take a running leap at his cage and bash it till it broke. No joke. Weird bunny. Mochi and Katsu look very happy and cuddly though! I love reading about them!

  2. This is awesome!! Having such a big space even when you're not home is really great, too. They are so cute!!

  3. I like the hay feeder! haha. Do you have to potty train them?

  4. So cute! Leela is house trained now so she roams around the whole apartment when we're out. :-)

  5. such happy bunnies! love the setup you created for them.

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