Thursday, May 16, 2013

Talking Shop Pt. 2

We got our Fanime Artist Alley table number, woo! (We're the lil table in the pinky purple circle!)
Right next to the bathrooms, yessss.  The hall is super long though, I wonder what it'll look like in person?
I'm glad we got placed next to our friends R & J, who are selling their famous crocheted pokeballs. Should be fun times! Or stress. Or both.

Here's my old man buttons so far - only a few more days but I'm hoping to add Splinter from TMNT and maybe Armstrong from FMA?  Can you recognize any of them??
I can't decide which is my favorite, but I'm really leaning towards Yugi's Grandpa because he looks like a crazy troll.

And in case you're worried - I do have more normal buttons in addition to the old dudes. But they are so fun to doodle!

As a side - this weekend is Maker Faire in San Mateo - we'll be going on Saturday, anyone else going? Can't wait! :D


  1. Looks like we'll be missing the Maker Faire again - we have a one-year-old's birthday and Greek Fest in the East Bay to attend. Have a great time, and I love your buttons!

  2. Aw bum already made plans for Saturday! :( Otherwise I'd love to go to Maker Faire!

  3. How was the Maker Faire? How was Fanime?? Did you sell your whole inventory? I'm sure that's a stupid question -- your buttons and bags and everything are great!!!


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