Saturday, June 1, 2013

Felties for Fanime

Whew! Fanime was over as of last Monday, and I just now feel like I'm getting back to normal.  I'll try and be a diligent blogger this coming week with recaps and cosplay and stuff, but for now, here's some felt hairclips I made in advance of the con:

The moogle was for my white mage cosplay, the Dragonquest slime was for Friend R, and the Clara jellyfish from Princess Jellyfish was for Cousin T!  (I also made a small "graduation" hat for Penga-sis, which I forgot to take a picture of.  She was promoted from 8th grade - can't believe she's in high school already! I hope she makes lots of good friends and memories!)

My stitching isn't the greatest since I did these last minute, but they work!

Then, then look what Cousin T made for Sak and I!
Yui from K-On for Sak, and Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny for me! He's such a hottie~

I love how her felties are more 3 dimensional, so pro! I should try that next time!

I'm thinking of doing a weekly felty challenge or something, just because they are so fun (and cheap) to make, and because I want to practice on improving my hand stitching!

Edit - also time to find a backup to google reader >.>" Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. SO cute!! All the felties!! I love little felt buddies (that's what Todd and I call them, haha). Easy to tote around when you're having a bad day, too. And thanks for the referral to Bloglovin! I was using netvibes and not feeling it. <3

    1. i know, i'm still sad about reader! I'm still pretty dependent on it!


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