Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anniversary #3 Level Up!

Three years!

And I am very comfortable living the married life :)

We've done a lot this past year, and I realize daily just how much I love Sak for being ever patient with his, uh, sometimes high-maintenance wifu. Like at Black Rock in Maui, when Sak ran around to find me a bathroom cause I really really had to pee but just couldn't go in the ocean.  He's also become an expert bunny wrangler, herding Mochi and Katsu back to their home quickly when I start squealing about chewed up shoelaces and purse straps.  And even though I was seething with unsightly jealousy the whole time he was gone on his business trip to Japan, he was thoughtful enough to bring me back a Sengoku Musou 3Z premium box.  As much as I love playing videogames with him, next time he should really just take me along. Ha!

We've been to three conventions so far this year, and have at least one more planned. He's helped me put together several costumes and projects - taking over whenever the silhouette gets jammed or a zipper needs sewing.  He's the best partner I could ask for, and I am so blessed to have Sak as a husband.

Here's to year four!


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