Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Honeydew Milk Drink

When I first started this blog I wrote about how I love melon soda.

Well, I love melon milk tea boba drinks too.  I've tried a powdered kind before, but it wasn't quite the same.  However! This past week I found a giant jug of syrup in the very back of a grocery store (I think it was the New May Wah Supermarket) on Clement Street.  They had all sorts of typical bubble tea flavors, all for about $11 a jug. I convinced Sak to buy the honeydew flavor. Muahaha.
The syrup is from Taiwan, apparently.  It said to use 1 part syrup for 6 parts water, but I did taste-test proportions.  6 to 1 was a little too strong for me, so mine is probably more like 10 to 1? Or something.
Syrup is so green! Oozey slimer!
I mixed in mostly water, with some soy milk for a creamy flavor.  I think in actual boba stores they use powdered creamer? The soy milk wasn't too creamy. Maybe next time I'll just use plain 2% milk or maybe more soy milk and less water.  Also, you don't really need to use a blender, but I did since it was already out on the counter..

Pour over ice - delicious!

It tastes like the real deal. So green. So melon. So oishii.  I asked Sak if he wanted to get all the different flavor syrups so I'd never have to pay $4 for a bubble tea again. He said no. :P

What's your favorite bubble tea flavor? Thai tea or almond would have to be next on my list!


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