Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Star Wars Fabric Dress

Although we didn't do any real cosplay for Comicon, I did make a new dress! (With Sak's help on the tricky parts..zippers are tricky! :P)

I used McCall pattern M6504, which I had picked up on one of those dollar pattern sales at Joann's.  It's a little disturbing how many unused patterns I have collected, so it was good to finally use one!
I chose this pattern (view A) cause it said it was easy, and because you can use several different types of fabrics.  I wanted to use Star Wars fabric, and even with a 40% off coupon, licensed fabric is expensive!  This pattern let me use some less expensive coordinating fabric to go with the pricey stuff.

But the Star Wars fabric is pretty awesome.  It looks like comic book covers, perfect for Comicon, yeah?

Anyway, the pattern wasn't too bad.  I don't think I'd call it easy though.  At first it was, but a fitted dress is kind of hard to make! I had to re-pin like twenty times trying to get the shape around my chest correct. :P  I guess it'd be easier if I had a dress form or a flat chest! Even though the shape came out alright in the end, I still felt it looked better with a belt.

I love how flowey the bottom of the dress is though. I wish I had had time to make a fun colored petticoat to really poof it out. I still have time to make one before the premiere of Episode VII, right? :)

To go with my dress, I made a little rebel alliance felty hairclip.
And wore the Star Wars necklace my fellow SW-loving cousin H made me when I was in middle school!
We used to read the books together and have our own little two person sci-fi book club.  Good times, good times!

Anyway, even though many people had homemade dresses at Comicon, mine got several compliments, so I figure it turned out okay! It was nice to wear something practical (light, airy, not a cardboard box) yet still be sporting some convention spirit! I only regret that I didn't make Sak a matching vest or at least a bow tie! Another thing to do before the movie comes out!


  1. Your dress is super cute! Totally worth the repinning and zipper-ing. :)

  2. "two person sci-fi book club" lol.

    WOW your dress looks great! I sorta saw it in your recap post the modeling shots were the best. :) Yes - Sak needs a matching bow tie!!! :D

  3. It looks awesome! :D Love the black panels!
    Also, looking forward to that petticoat tutorial! ;)


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  6. This is kiiiiinda weird. I am making the same dress...with the same star wars fabric! Go figure! We have goooood style =P I am using green instead of black though. The black looks great BTW xD It looks great! Wearing it to comic con is great. =]


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