Monday, October 14, 2013


During Labor Day weekend, we picked up Penga-Sis and went down to LA again. Even though it was ridiculously hot, we wanted to try this public archery place in Simi Valley that Friend E was always raving about.

 Totally not where we we shooting. Our newbie targets were 5 meters away.  And even then we didn't even hit the paper every time. :P
Sak and Friend E.
But..we looked cool, eh?! Or at least Penga-Sis did.

For a five dollar donation to the Conejo Valley Archers, you get to rent all the equipment, and can practice quite a bit. The best part was the instructors though - they really know their stuff. They treated everyone seriously, as if everyone was there to be a future olympian...and not just to kill time on a weekend.

 Anyway, if you're nearby, it's definitely worth checking out! It was pretty fun!

Afterwards we took our sweaty selves down to find some sushi..from Sushi Stop! Haha! It was really cheap for sushi, and they had this amazing tempura green tea ice cream we shared for dessert, yum! :)


  1. I WANT TO DO ARCHERY!!!! That's super cool (and cheap!)

    LOL SushiStop must've used the same signage company as GameStop. :oP

  2. I'd love to try archery!! I tried at a Renaissance Fair once, but that's about it, lol. And LOL to Alvina's comment about GameStop!! =)

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