Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Hataraku Maou-Sama MgRonalds Uniform Cosplay

Wow. It's been a while, blog. I think I've lost my blogging edge. Or something.  But I still have things to share and memories to write down before I forget, so I'll try to catch up!

Since tutorials are the heart and soul of this blog, let's start there, yeah?  There's a newer anime out called Hataruku Maou-sama (or, Devil is a part-timer).  It's a cute comedy about a not-so evil devil and his friends who escape to earth.  They are all poor, so Maou works at McDonalds.  Only that's a trademarked name I guess because they call it MgRonalds. :)
Perfect casual cosplay, right?

I bought two boy-sized red polos at Target for $6 each.  Then I ordered two red visors online for $3 each, hoping that they'd be similar shades of red. Luckily, they were.  I did some research and thought I'd try using heat transfer vinyl for the shirt decals instead of my more typical choice of printable iron on paper.  I bought two sheets of Siser easy weed, yellow and white, for $3.50 each. Vinyl is a little more pro that iron on paper, and hopefully lasts longer. I think it looks better anyway.

Now. First up, the collar on my shirt is red. It needs to be black.
First I tried coloring it with a tulip fabric pen I found at Michaels.
No bueno. The pen was too "dry" and not soaking ink down into the polo collar grooves.
The next pen I found at a fabric store during a trip to LA. The tee juice pen worked much better, as you can see on the before/after pic to the left:
Collar, finished. Easy!
Next up, the decals.  I cut strips of white heat vinyl to add the stripes to the sleeves.  Place the pre-ironed sleeve on a firm surface, and lay out your strip with the plastic side up.
Place a cloth between the plastic and your iron, and press down in 15 second increments.  Make sure the iron is on a dry setting, you don't want any moisture!
After you've firmly pressed it all down, lift off the plastic.  You can go ahead and press the vinyl down again after this, but make sure you use a cloth between the vinyl and the iron again.
See how it's lifting when I pulled the plastic off? I had to go back and press it down again.
You'll know you've got a good "stick" when you can kinda see the fabric texture through the vinyl.
Nice, eh? So pro feeling.
We did a similar strip in the middle of the chest, all 1/2 inch thick, in yellow.  Last up was the logo.
Sak found a picture of the MgRonalds logo online, and traced it in the silhouette software so we could cut it out. Remember to reverse the image.  One layer for white, and one for yellow.  Once cut on the machine, I "weeded" the parts I didn't want by peeling them off the plastic.
We pressed the white logo layer down first.
Then followed up by pressing the yellow layer on top of the finished white layer.  Yes, you can do layers with heat vinyl!
All done!
We repeated this with the visors, and we were finished!
Nice, huh? Oh. You're right. Maou's buttons are supposed to be black! *sew sew sew*
There we go. More accurate now :)

I think this is my favorite casual cosplay so far.  It's easy - just pair with black pants.  It's comfy, cause it's normal clothes, and it looks pretty good! I was proud enough of this "normalish" one to show my coworkers and boss my cosplay pictures this time even. HAHA. I guess I could only stay in the otaku closet for so long anyway >.>"

So...Maou-sama with Emi or Chi? Haha!

I vote Emi. Destiny! ;)


  1. Sigh. This is why you're Mrs. Sewing. Even though... I guess you didn't really sew for this (the buttons!) Amazing! This heat vinyl stuff! Must check it out!

  2. Those look super good! Very legit.
    And Emi or Chi-chan? I can't decide. lol. I don't want the tension to disappear. ^.^

  3. Welcome back...missed your blogs!

  4. You are amazing! and so creative!

  5. I love that heat vinyl stuff!! I'd kinda like to make something unique for Evie to wear (not like a costume, but just kind of a geeky shirt or something), maybe I can look into this! Great post! (Missed you!!)

  6. Awsome tutorial, thank you very much !
    Any idea though where you got the MgRonalds logo from ? I've been searching far and wide but can't find a good template. Thanks !

    1. we traced a screenshot from the anime. If you have a silhouette I can send you my cut file..pengawenga-at-gmail..I could take a screenie of the cut file if you just need the shape, too.

    2. I'd like this too if possible?

    3. I would also like to get the Logo file, please.

    4. Wonderful ;v; May I please have the logo file too?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. would it be possible if you could send me the logo to please :3

    7. How does one get a file of the logo?

    8.,800x800,075,f.jpg hope this helps others too- I'm planning on just printing it out & just gluing the logo to felt because I'm not very tech-y with cosplay :)

  7. I just finished watching this anime and I love it! I've always wanted to cosplay at a con but found myself intimidated to start on a costume. This one, I think I could do. I don't have a silhouette machine but I'd appreciate it if you could send me the shape. I'll try to make it work by cutting it out by hand. Emailing you now at the address above.

    Do you think it would be safe to layer white vinyl on top of black vinyl? You mention a silhouette software. Do I need any special equipment to use it? Did you run the vinyl through a printer or something?

    1. Yes, I think white would work over the black, the vinyl is pretty opaque so the layering shouldn't show through much at all. The silhouette is a cutting machine - I put the image in the software, and the machine cuts the vinyl to match. It's a bit pricey though so if you don't want to invest in the machine you could try hand cutting the vinyl with an x-acto knife or something.

  9. Let me start by saying this guide has really helped me just my project. I have found this very helpful in not making simple mistakes. But I am having trouble with a heat transfer paper. I never realized it but printers do not have white ink. Any suggestions to use heat transfer with out white, or should I try x-acto knifing vinyl?

  10. Can someone teach me step by step how to make the logo?

  11. If possible, could I commission you to print me out the pieces I need for the symbol?
    I recently cosplayed Chiho and took my commission to a custom t-shirt kiosk in my local mall, and they weren't able to go about my commission in a simple and easy fashion like I thought they'd be able to and they did a terrible job on my symbol for my visor and t-shirt. I'm re-doing this cosplay for Colossalcon this summer. Instead of doing what I did for the stripes on the sleeves and across the chest, I'm following your tutorial and ordering the heat transfer vinyl so I can re-do my shirt. However, I'd like to re-do my symbol as well...but I can't seem to locate the clear transfer material you used in your tutorial, and I don't have the extra money to buy machines and software and all that.

    I've also convinced a friend to be my Maou this time, so I have to make his shirt for him as well, so I'll need a set of the the MgRonald's symbols for his shirt and visor as well.

    I do have a Paypal, so if you have one as well I'm willing to pay for this commission - for four sets of the symbol....two for each of the shirts I have to work on and two for the visors I have to work on. If you receive this comment soon (preferably by the end of this I need to finish these cosplays before June), please e-mail me at:

  12. Hi! I'd actually also be interested in commissioning the lines/logo pieces from you if you're at all interested!

  13. As the show has gone on the platform cluster has evolved, grown and become more interconnected. Here's a dissection of the meme Heroes

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