Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Etched Attack on Titan Glasses

So if you're wondering what happened to me. Pokemon X happened. Yeah. It's been a while since I've played this much, and I am *really* enjoying this new version.  You can buy clothes! And make friends! My friend code is 1306-6185-0650 if you want to be friends :D 

I'm also sooooo not ready for Christmas.  I've done not even a fraction of my normal crafting - even my greeting cards aren't done! Boo.

Anyway, enough whining, back to playing catch up! 

Attack on Titan. Love it, and my otaku buddies do too.  So for Friend E's birthday, I wanted to make a set of AOT glasses!

Though since I had never etched glass before, a tester on a thrift store cup was in order.

First, cut out the shape. Scouting regiment, ftw!

Peel out the parts you want to etch, and cut to size. 
Press the vinyl transfer tape to the image.
And stick onto your glass.
Make sure everything is on securely, no air bubbles! Then carefully peel off the transfer tape.  Use masking tape to cover all the sides, and spread on a thick layer of etching cream!
I used Martha brand etching cream since that's all I could find, and it was expensive.  Use a michaels coupon! Or better yet, find a cheaper brand!

After about 15-20 minutes, rinse off. All done!
It's a little fainter than I imagined, but it's cool when it catches the light!

Encouraged by our success, we went ahead and did the rest of the symbols - wall defense, training, and military police!

Friend E broke the glasses in by making an Eren Jaeger - Midori, Tropical Cooler Gatorade for extra green, 7up, and a splash of Jaegermeister. Haha!