Tuesday, January 28, 2014

626 Night Market

(Rewind, Labor Day Weekend '13)

While visiting LA, my aunt mentioned that we should check out the 626 Night Market, a giant asian foodie gathering.  With Sis, Friend E, M and Cousin T in tow, we headed to the giant stadium parking lot in Arcadia.

There were a TON of food booths.  It's nearly impossible to decide what to eat :/
Lobster balls?
Nah, Lobster roll!

I did get to try the milk tea + custard/flan combo I'd heard about.  The texture was great, but it was sooooooo sweet. :P
Giant boba drink!
Dunno about my weird squat pose.  It was also 100 million degrees outside. So we're a bit shiny.
We stayed until it got dark, and it got more and more crowded!
Curry nachos.
HK macaron - too cute to eat!
Squid stick! and lamb kebobs.
Potato skewer!
Potato stick fencing @_@
It was a lot of fun! And tasty!  I wish they had this up North, but it'd probably be too cold to have the same fun night vibe. :P  If we go back to LA this summer I'd like to go again!


  1. Hi old friend! Thanks for the post about the Night Market. Still haven't made it out, crowds really put me off. But looks like a lot of fun and of course, delicious! Hope you are well!

    1. yes, it was very crowded :P hope socal is treating you well! same old same old up here :)

  2. The food looks so good. AND THAT POTATO STICK! I love fried potato!!! :D

  3. The North has plenty of nighttime fun to offer! There's Dekalb Market throughout the year and in the summer time, Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and the Brooklyn Flea! :-)

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