Tuesday, January 28, 2014

626 Night Market

(Rewind, Labor Day Weekend '13)

While visiting LA, my aunt mentioned that we should check out the 626 Night Market, a giant asian foodie gathering.  With Sis, Friend E, M and Cousin T in tow, we headed to the giant stadium parking lot in Arcadia.

There were a TON of food booths.  It's nearly impossible to decide what to eat :/
Lobster balls?
Nah, Lobster roll!

I did get to try the milk tea + custard/flan combo I'd heard about.  The texture was great, but it was sooooooo sweet. :P
Giant boba drink!
Dunno about my weird squat pose.  It was also 100 million degrees outside. So we're a bit shiny.
We stayed until it got dark, and it got more and more crowded!
Curry nachos.
HK macaron - too cute to eat!
Squid stick! and lamb kebobs.
Potato skewer!
Potato stick fencing @_@
It was a lot of fun! And tasty!  I wish they had this up North, but it'd probably be too cold to have the same fun night vibe. :P  If we go back to LA this summer I'd like to go again!


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