Monday, February 24, 2014

Keroro Gunsou Cake

Since Valentine's Day fell on my regular day off this year, I went all out and made Sak a cake! Well, the cake itself was just boxed chocolate mix, but the icing took a lot of effort, so that counts for something!

I used this Hatsune Miku cake tutorial, which is really well done and tells you just about everything you need to know.  I suggest you check it out, there's a video too!

But here's how my experience went in any case!

I started by tracing an image onto the non waxy side of some freezer paper.  I used the bottom of the cake pan as a guide for how big to make the circle.
Flipped over, trimmed and taped to the inside of a pan.  Make sure this pan will fit in your freezer. I had to do some serious rearranging to jam it in =_=...
For the outline, I melted some fancy Guittard's chocolate chips that Sak had won from a white elephant exchange earlier.
Roll more freezer paper into a tube for piping.  This was kinda difficult because the melted choco was like a million degrees hot and intricate piping with oven mitts is near impossible.  I'd try and wait for the choco to cool a bit first if I did this again.
Freeze.  I used the leftover choco in a cute ichibankan mold :)
Next, whip cream!  The instructions said to use half dairy and half non-dairy whipping cream.  This is because dairy whipped cream doesn't hold its shape very long. I could not, however, find non-dairy whipping cream at Safeway or Trader Joe's.  So I used cool whip.  That's kinda non-dairy.  The other half I whipped from regular heavy whipping cream.  Since the cool whip is already sweetened, I didn't add a whole lot of sugar to the mixture.
Separate and use food coloring to dye batches of the cream as needed.  Keep everything in the fridge to keep it from melting.
Greeeen.  Between each color freeze for five minutes or so to keep the colors from mixing.
Whip cream the cake.  I put it on a foil covered pizza tray because I don't have a cake platter :P
And the moment of truth! Flip the frozen whip cream image over onto the cake, and peel off the freezer paper.

Add cream to cover the edges. Done.
Soooo cuuuuteeeee.

If I have one major flaw though - it's that I didn't apply the whip cream very evenly.  Thus, when I flipped it onto the cake, parts with thin whip cream "sunk".
The other major flaw (that my sister pointed out), is that I screwed up Kero's face.  The bottom part is supposed to be white, not green.  I'm so ashamed. >.>" lol.

But I'm still very happy with it overall! I stuck it in the freezer for a good 30 minutes or so just to make sure it'd stay in one piece, and then in the fridge whenever we weren't eating it.  It was pretty tasty, and I got to share leftovers with my sis and parents too!

If I ever had the time, I'd make another cake.  It's such an interesting method, and whip cream is the *best* tasting frosting there is. I definitely recommend checking out the link above! They have a roll cake recipe I want to try next.

And yes, Sak did like the cake.  Though I think he liked the spareribs we ate for dinner just as much, if not more. :P Cake just can't compete with a good slice of meat I suppose.


  1. LOL wow that's pretty cool!!!! I was trying to figure out if you had to flip it while I was reading through. Impressive!

    The ichibankan mold chocolates are sooooo cute!!!!

  2. That is really awesome!! Looks fantastic!! Where did you get the freezer paper, online? It sounds fascinating to work with for crafts even outside of the kitchen!


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